history exam 2 artworks/objects

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    • Olmec, Kunz
    • Axe, jade, Middle Formative
    • a celt used in rituals, also has were jaguar figure
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    • Olmec, Great Pyramid and Ball Court, La Venta, earth & stone, Middle Formative
    • Period
    • may have been shaped to resemble a volcano
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    • Maya, Leiden Plaque, jade, Classic Period (was worn by elites) Maya, Lintel 24, Yaxchilan, limestone, Late Classic
    • shows Lady Xoc in act of ritual bloodletting
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    • Maya, Bas-relief depicting a ball player, limestone, Classic period
    • ball game had cosmological significance
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    • Maya, Vessel with Mythological Scene, ceramic
    • Classic period
    • shows Xibalaba/Underworld narrative
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    • Aztec, Stone of the Sun, stone, Post-Classic
    • shows twenty day signs of ritual calendar
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    • Aztec, Codex Mendoza, paint on paper, Post-Conquest
    • depicts founding of the Aztec state
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    • Nok, Head, terra cotta, c. 500 BCE- 200 CE
    • used in altar to commemorate ruler
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    • Ife, Crowned Head of an Oni, 12th -15th century
    • commemorates ruler
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    • Ife, Ritual Vessel, Terra cotta, 13th -14th century
    • used to pour libations
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    • Ife, Mask of Obalufon, copper, 13-14th century
    • thought to be portrait/death mask
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    • Benin, Memorial Head, brass, Early Period
    • placed on altar to commemorate Oba
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    • Benin, Memorial Head, brass, Middle Period 
    • placed on altar to commemorate Oba
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    • Benin, Memorial Head, brass, Late Period
    • placed on altar to commemorate Oba
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    • Edo, Altar, mixed media, Late Period
    • various objects commemorating Obas
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    • Benin, Hip Mask Representing an Iyoba, ivory, iron, copper, Middle Period  
    • commemorates Iyoba
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    • Benin, Warrior Chief Flanked by Warriors and Attendants, brass, Middle Period
    • placed on palace wall to glorify Oba
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    • Yoruba, Crown, beads, leather, Post-Contact
    • worn be ruler, has magical powers
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    • Yoruba, Ose Sango, wood, Post-Contact
    • used in the worship of Sango
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    • Yoruba, Opon Ifa, word, Post-Contact
    • used in divination, by Babalawo
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    • Yourba, Divination Tapper, ivory, Post-Contact
    • used to tap Opn Ifa
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    • Yoruba, Ibeji, wood, Post-Contact
    • given to surviving twin
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    • Yoruba, Egungun, cloth, wood, pigment, Post-Contact
    • performance to commemorate the dead
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    • Ashanti, Kente Cloth, silk, 19th century
    • worn by men for royal events
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    • India, Great Stupa, stone, brick, Maurya Period
    • thought to contain relic of the Buddha
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    • Pakistan, schist, Gandhara Period
    • image of Buddha overcoming desire/senses
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    • Chinese, Buddha, Amitabha, lacquer with traces of gilt and pigments, Tang Dynasty
    • represents Amitabha, the Celestial Buddha
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    • Pakistan, Torso of Bodhisattva, schist, Gandhara Period
    • enlightened beings who help humanity
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    • Chinese, Seated Buddha, sandstone , Northern Wei Dynasty,
    • was located along Silk Road
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    • Korean, Bodhisattva Seated in Meditation, gilt bronze, Three Kingdoms Period
    • unique Korean aesthetic rather than Chinese influence
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