Mu Phi Week 5

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  1. What are candidate eligibility requirements for undergraduate students?
    • music majors or minors, enrolled as candidates for a degree
    • are at least second semester freshman
    • have 3.0 music, 2.0 academic GPA
  2. What are candidate eligibility requirements for transfer students?
    • must meet undergrad requirements
    • must be enrolled long enough to have established a GPA
  3. What are candidate eligibility requirements for graduate students?
    must have been music majors, minors, or equivalent
  4. What are candidate eligibility requirements for  music faculty?
    must not be affiliated with another professional music fraternity
  5. What are the financial obligations for a candidate?
    • $15 candidate fee
    • 24 initiation fee
    • 35 annual international dues
    • 15 badge fee
  6. What are the candidate responsibilities?
    • Meet all financial obligations
    • attaining second semester freshman standing or be a transfer student with an established GPA
    • Completing Mu Phi Epsilon membership training period (rush)
    • completing individual chapters' rush requirements and attending all membership candidate meetings (unless excused by the VP)
    • participation in candidate recital
  7. Who are alumni members?
    members who graduate and join an alumni chapter
  8. Who are allied members?
    members who have graduated or moved to an area too far away from an alumni chapter or collegiate chapter; but still pay dues
  9. What are member and chapter responsibilities?
    • maintain an active status and remain in good standing
    • satisfy financial obligations, including annual Fraternity dues and any local chapter dues, as long as enrolled as an undergraduate
    • maintain required GPA
    • attend regular chapter meetings and activities
    • develop the courtesy and poise of a successful professional member and musician
    • affiliate with an alumni chapter or as an allied member upon graduation
  10. What are chapter responsibilities?
    • give service to members, school ,community, and Mu Phi Epsilon
    • instill loyalty to the school and department
    • conduct at least two business meetings a month, at least one with a formal ceremony
    • schedules at least four musical programs during the school year, at least one of which is open to non-members.
    • elect officers to work in harmony with all members
    • plan, assist with, and attend District Conference
    • when scheduled, participate in a yearly chapter review with your district director
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