Patho Exam 3 - alterations in hematologic system

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  1. what are symptoms of pernicious anemia?
    the TYPICAL SYMPTOMS (fatigue, weakness, dyspnea, pallor), peripheral neuropathy, tingling, numbness, loss of vibratory senses, glossitis
  2. how do you treat pernicious anemia?
    B12 IM injections
  3. what is a cause of pernicious anemia?
    chronic gastritis
  4. what can't people with pernicious anemia absorb vitamin B12?
    lack intrinsic factor in stomach
  5. what type of anemia is insufficient influence of vitamin B12 on developing cells?
    pernicious anemia
  6. what does macrolytic-normochromic mean and what 2 types of anemia are classified under it?
    macrolytic-normochromic means large RBC's and normal hemoglobin. 1) pernicious anemia and 2) folate (folic acid) deficiency
  7. normal amounts of hemoglobin... what type of anemia is it?
  8. it contains abnormally low concentration of hemoglobin and not enough iron and B12... what type of anemia is it?
  9. it contains unusually high concentration of hemoglobin in cytoplasm b/c not enough RBC's... what type of anemia is it?
  10. what does normolytic mean?
    cells of normal size
  11. what does microlytic mean?
    abnormally small - premature
  12. what does macrolytic mean?
    abnormally large
  13. the does "chromic" mean?
    describes hemaglobin
  14. what does cystic mean when referring to cells?
    cell size
  15. what are the TYPICAL SYMPTOMS of anemia?
    fatigue and weakness - not getting Oto the brain), dyspnea - body is starving for O2, and pallor - decreased RBC
  16. what are the 2 different kinds of anemia?
    decreased or defective production, and increased RBC destruction
  17. what is a reduction in NUMBER or circulating RBC's or a decrease in QUALITY/QUANTITY go hemoglobin?
  18. what do women have a lower RBC and hematocrit count?
  19. what is the normal range for hemoglobin (Hgb)?
    12-18 g/dl
  20. what does hematocrit measure?
    it measures the % of blood sample the carries oxygen
  21. what is the normal range for hematocrit (Hct)?
  22. what's the range for RBC's
    4.2-6.1 million/mm
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