Chap. 11

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  1. partisanship
    an opportunity for each party to state its campaign themes and formally introduce the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.
  2. GOP
    Republican party nickname since the 1870s
  3. nonpartisan elections
    election where candidates run as individuals, without any party affiliation
  4. political socialization
    education about how the government works and which policies one should support
  5. party system
    the broad organization of US politics, compromising the two main parties
  6. party-in-government
    candidates, officeholders, and their top staffers
  7. party organization
    supports party’s candidates and elected officials
  8. party platform
    party’s statement of purpose and its position on issues. Revised every four years
  9. party in the electorate
    the largest component of a political party, drawn from the public at large
  10. party boss
    senior figure in a party machine.
  11. party machine
    party workers helped immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th  century, in return gain votes when they become naturalized citizens
  12. new deal
    economic programs and reforms introduced between 1933 and 1936 and associated with the Franklin Roosevelt administration
  13. party identification
    strong attachment to one political party
  14. straight-ticket voter
    sticking with their party’s candidate’s right down the ballot
  15. split-ticker voter
    votes for at least one candidate from each party
  16. base voters
    tend to vote loyally for their party’s candidates
  17. GOP traditionalists
    • they oppose feminism and show little love for big government or big business
    • Coolidge and Eisenhower
  18. GOP libertarians
    • oppose government social spending, regulation, and taxes. They are opposed to social conservatives with regard to gay rights
    • oppose gun control as counter-productive
  19. GOP neoconservatives
    interventionist foreign policy to promote democracy and defend Israel
  20. GOP fiscal conservatives
    call for a large reduction in government spending personalized accounts for Social Security, free trade, and less regulation of the economy
  21. GOP moderates
    some are for same-sex marriage and gay adoption, legal access to abortion, gun control laws, more environmental regulation and anti-climate change measures, fewer restrictions on legal immigration, a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
  22. democratic progressives
    Ending wars and occupation.Health care is a human right. Economic and social justice. Clean, fair and transparent elections. Stop global warming and environmental protection.Stop voter suppression. End mass criminalization
  23. democratic organized labor
  24. democratic deficit hawks
  25. democratic third way proponents
  26. democratic civil rights caucus
  27. party caucus
    a meeting of all House or Senate members of one or the other main party
  28. divided government
    one house of Congress is controlled by a party different from that occupying the White House
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