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  1. what hormone does the hypothalamus release?
  2. on day 1 through 13 GnRH allows the anterior pituatary to release what?
    • FSH
    • LH
  3. on day 1 - 13 the ovaries produce what
    • estrogen
    • progesterone
  4. day 1-13 progesterone produces what
    stimulates the uterine lining to become  more grandular and vascular
  5. 1 - 13 days estrogen  will
    • increase anterior pituitary sensitivity to GnRH
    • inhibit AP release of LH
    • LH builds up and increases in AP
  6. on day 14 what is released and from where "(hormone)
    LH is released from the AP
  7. day 15 to 24 the what develops
    corpus luteum
  8. day 24 what forms
    the corpus albicans
  9. on day 14 to 24 estrogen ....
    inhibits the release of LH and FSH
  10. after 24 and no pregnancy what hormones drop?
    • estrogen
    • progesterone
  11. after day 24 and pregnancy 1st tri. what takes over?
    the placenta
  12. the corpus leuteum  secretes what hormones after the second part (post 14 days)
    • est
    • progest
  13. the corpus leuteum is active there will be no release of what?
    LH and FSH
  14. when corpus leuteum is no longer active what declines
    • Est
    • progest
  15. after day 24 and pregnancy 1st tri. what hormone does the placenta release
  16. after day 24 and pregnancy 1st tri. what does estrogen inhibit?
    LH and FSH
  17. after day 24 and pregnancy 1st tri. what hormones increases
    • est
    • progest

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female hormones
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