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  1. Oh Nikos, you found us.
    Lydia, why did you run away from us?
  2. What?
    We were waiting for you at the church.
  3. You can't force us to marry you, Nikos.
    Force you? We thought you were coming.
  4. We never agreed to marry you.
    We have a prenuptial agreement, Lydia.
  5. This is from the Dark Ages.
    Well, if there was some misunderstanding...
  6. There is a contract involved here.
    My brothers and I, we've counted on this all our lives and plus, I thought it would be kind of neat a big wedding, fifty brides and fifty grooms, a real event.
  7. You want me to sew your legs to the bed and pour gasoline on you and light you on fire is that what I have to do to keep you?
    (Pause) Lydia, isn't this your wedding dress?
  8. Yes.
    It seems you were ready to get married.
  9. Excuse me, I am Piero, and this is my home. And you would be the cousins of these young women?
    We're engaged to be married.
  10. And...
  11. We'll have a glass of something, have a smoke, get things sorted out.
    I'd like that.
  12. Come, Leo. Let's leave them alone.
    I'm sorry for the way Constantine seemed a little rude. Well, I shouldn't put it all on him. I'm sorry for the way that we've behaved.
  13. Thank you for saying so, Nikos.
    I thought, I've always liked you, Lydia, seeing you with your sisters, sometimes in the summers, when our families would get together at the beach. I thought you were fun, and funny, and really good at volleyball.
  14. Volleyball?
    Which I thought showed you have a, well, a natural grace, and beauty, and a lot of energy.
  15. Oh.
    It's not that I thought I fell in love with you at the time, or that I've been like a stalker or something in the background all these years.
  16. No, I never...
    But really, over the years, I've thought back from time to time how good it felt just to be around you.
  17. Oh.
    And so I thought: well, maybe this is an okay way to have a marriage.
  18. A marriage.
    to start out, not in a romantic way, but as a friendship
  19. Oh.
    because I admire you, and I thought perhaps this might grow into something deeper, and longer lasting
  20. Oh.
    But maybe this isn't quite the thing you want, and really I don't want to force myself on you, you should be free to choose, I mean, obviously
  21. Thank you.
    Although I think I should say, what began as a friendship for me, and a sort of distant, even inattentive regard, has grown into a passion already.
  22. A passion.
    I don't know how or where it comes from, or when, but somehow the more I felt this admiration and, well, pleasure in you
  23. Pleasure
    Seeing you become the person that you are, I think a thoughtful person and smart, and it seems to me funny and warm
  24. Funny
    and passionate, I mean about the things I heard you talk about in school, a movie or playing the piano, I saw you one night at the cafe by the harbor drinking almond nectar, and I saw that happiness made you raucous, and I myself don't want to have a relationship that's cool or distant. I want a love really that's all-consuming--that consumes my whole life
  25. Your whole life.
    and the longer the sense of you has lived with me, the more it has grown into a longing for you, so I wish you'd consider, maybe not marriage, because it's true you hardly know me, but a kind of courtship
  26. A courtship
    Or maybe you'd just I don't know, go sailing with me or see a movie
  27. Gee, Nikos, you seem to talk a lot.
    I talk too much. I'm sorry.
  28. ...they forget to take a moment and look around and see what effect they're having on other people.
    That's true.
  29. They get on a roll.
    I do that sometimes. I wish I didn't. But I get started on a sentence, and that leads to another sentence, and then, the first thing I know, I'm just trying to work it through, the logic of it, follow it through to the end because I think, if I stop, or if I don't get through to the end before someone interrupts me, they won't understand what I'm saying, and what I'm saying isn't necessarily wrong--it might be, but not necessarily, and if it is, I'll be glad to be corrected, or change my mind--but if I get stopped along the way I'll get confused I don't remember where I was or how to get back to the end of what I was saying.
  30. I understand.
    And I think sometimes I scare people because of it. They think I'm so, like determined, just barging ahead--not really a sensitive person, whereas, in truth, I am.
  31. I know. Do you know about dreams?
    Well, I have dreams.
  32. But do you know what they mean?
    I don't know. Maybe.
  33. What do you think of that?
    Well, I think things happen so suddenly sometimes.
  34. What would you like to do with me?
    I'd like to kiss you.
  35. Kiss you? But I don't even know you.
    Well, if you'd kiss me, then you'd know me.
  36. (She runs away)
    Oh. God. God. Goddammit. Goddammit! Goddammit.
  37. This is how it is.
    Yes, this is how it is. Goddammit!
  38. (Oed enters)
    When I was a boy I thought I had it made. My coach said to me you could be good.
  39. Damned good.
    I had the instincts. I could hit the ball.
  40. I could hit the ball.
    I could run.
  41. I could run.
    My Dad played football.
  42. My Dad played football.
    Then everybody told me, you're just a jerk, this macho stuff, big man, bullshit, and then I thought, my instincts are off, my instincts are all off, I thought: girls will like this, but they didn't, so I hung out with these guys, it wasn't what I had in mind, and all the fun had gone, pretty soon I couldn't hit, I couldn't catch, I was slowing down
  43. So fuck these women fuck these women
    I said to my Dad, I don't want to do this, this isn't me, I felt so ashamed, he said what do you mean?, your friends out there, they're doing it, they like it, just get in there, don't be afraid, you can't get hurt, if you get hurt, it doesn't matter, that's how it is, you pick yourself up get on with it, what do you care, because you belong, but I never did belong, it never was for me, Little League never was for me
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