Week Two Quiz

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  1. I have RAID 5 with the following specifications: 7 400gig, one 400GIG hot spare, and one 200GIG SSD for fast caching. SOLVE:
    A) Total Logical volume size
    B) overhead
    C)number of drives that can fail without permanent data loss
    D)Total number of drive space being utilized
    • A) 2800gigs
    • B) 400 gigs (one disk)
    • C) 1
    • D) 2400gigs
  2. What is DNS best described as?
    A key value data base.
  3. HTTP is a ______ protocol, What does this mean?
    • stateless
    • It does not retain any information
  4. What is the function of a host header?
    Lets you have multiple websites on the same IP
  5. Name 4 DNS record types and describe their function in detail. Describe a scenario where each would be necessary.
    • - A- record, Your IPv4 Address record. Would be used to resolve an IPv4 IP address
    • - c name, Your alias record, would be used when redirecting an IP to a different domain name
    • - MX Record, your email record, would be used when you are trying to resolve an IP for an email address
    • - SRV record, server record, Gives you the general location of where is server is
  6. What is the permissions hierarchy in Windows?
    • Explicit Allow
    • Explicit Deny
    • Inherited Allow
    • Inherited Deny
    • No permissions set
  7. What is the DNS zone serial number and why is it important?
    A number that changes every time the zone changes so that the DNS servers know if they need to update or not.
  8. What OSI layer does HTTP function on?
    Layer 5 Session
  9. Describe the series of events that occur when an application pool recycle takes place.
    • 1. A new worker process is created
    • 2. All new connections are sent to the new worker process
    • 3. Wait for the old connects to bleed off of the old worker process
    • 4. Kill the old worker process once all of the connections are gone
  10. What is processor affinity?
    Where applications pools can be set to run on the processor of its choice
  11. What is rapid fail protection? And why might it be used.
    Rapid fail protection is used when a worker process fails to load a specific number of times.  It can take up a lot of resources and even crash the box because the fail worker processes will continue to use resources.
  12. What setting in IIS might I change if i want to ensure that a specific group in windows can log into my web site?
    Change the authentication to MS Windows, and them make sure that the user groups have the right permissions.
  13. Name 2 ways to fix an open SMTP relay.
    • All only specific connections through the firewall
    • Make the SMTP server require some sort of authentication
  14. What is the overhead on a RAID 0 array?
    There is no overhead
  15. My website users are complaining that everyday at 4PM they loose all their information and have to start over. What might be the cause, and how might I fix it?
    The application pool is recycling every 24 hours.  Change the time of the recycle to off peak hours.
  16. What file is used to begin an iterative query on a DNS server.
    root hints file
  17. Which port is used by default to initiate the command connections in FTP?
    Port 21
  18. Which of these authentication methods is most secure?
    A) Basic Authentication
    B) DIGEST Authentication
    C) Windows Authentication
    D) Any of the above over SSL
  19. I start an FTP session wherein my client establishes the command and data connection and then sends the PORT command. Which type of FTP session is this? How can you tell?
    This is not A valid command
  20. I start an FTP session over port 21, and I am directed to a folder with my information in it.  When my coworker goes to the same site they get a completely different folder. What is most likely configured on the server?
    FTP user isolation
  21. What function of an IIS application pool allows a specification of the generation of code being used by the IIS engine
    .net framework
  22. What is the Kernel32.dll?
    The kernel for the 32 bit operating system
  23. What command line tool might you use to modify disk partitions and change volume types?
  24. My Application code was programmed specifically for use in versions prior to IIS7.  When I migrated my site from our 2k3 box to our new 2k8R2 box, i noticed that the site was running improperly, Specifically I was getting a lot of error codes, and certain pages would not even render correctly.  What setting might I try to change first when trouble shooting this issue?
    Change from integrated piping, to classic piping.
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