Government Ch. 10 Test

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  1. Where does the constitution establish our National Legislature?
    Article 1
  2. What is our national Legislature?
  3. What does Congress do?
    Makes laws
  4. How many representatives are in the house?
    435 members
  5. What establishes the size of the house?
    Congress set the permanent size with the reapportionment act of 1929
  6. When are congressional elections?
    The Tuesday following the first Monday in November of Even # years
  7. When does a term of Congress begin?
    at noon on January 3rd of odd # years
  8. Why a Bicameral Legislature?
    • British Parliament had 2 houses and so did a lot of states
    • Bicameral was needed to compromise the New Jersey and Virginia plans
    • the Framers wanted one house to check on the other and vice versa
  9. Qualifications of the House
    • must be 25 or older
    • must be citizen of US for at least 7 years
    • must live in the State they are elected
  10. What is the size of the Senate?
    100 because the constitution says every state gets two
  11. What decides how many representatives a state receives?
    The constitution says the House is decided based on population every 10 years after the census
  12. Qualification for a Senator
    • 30 years or older
    • citizen for at least 9 years
    • must live in the state they are elected
  13. Bicameral
    two house legislature
  14. Term
    For congress the term is 2 years and they are numbered consecutively
  15. Adjourn
    suspend until the next session
  16. Prorogue
    presidential power to end a session when the houses cannot agree on a date to end the session
  17. Reapportion
    redistribute the seats in the House
  18. Off-year elections
    congressional elections that happen between presidential elections
  19. At-large
    when someone is elected by the entire state and not from a district
  20. Gerrymander
    districts drawn to favor one group or party
  21. Incumbent
    person who currently holds the office
  22. Constituency
    the people and interests a person represents
  23. partisan
    owe their votes to their political party
  24. Oversight Function
    process by which Congress, through committees,  checks to see that the executive branch carries out policies that congress has set by law
  25. Franking priviledge
    allows congressmen to mail letters and other materials postage-free by using their signature for postage
  26. Salary of a Congressman
    174,000$ per year
  27. Where is the Immunity and Speech and debate clause found in the Constitution?
    Article 1 Section 6 Clause 1
  28. immunity clause
    protects members of Congress from non-criminal offenses while congress is in session
  29. Speech and debate clause
    protects members of congress from slander suits arising out of their official conduct
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