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  1. highest point on earth
    Mt Everest
  2. lowest piont on land
    dead sea
  3. largest peninsula
    Arabian peninsula
  4. largest archipelago
    • Malay archipeligo
  5. highest mountian range
  6. highest plateau
    tibetan plateau
  7. coldest desert outside of antartica
    gobi desert
  8. largest lake
    caspian sea
  9. dialect
    regional variations of languages among people in a country
  10. cradle of civilazation
    the fertile crescent; the location of man's first civilization after the Flood
  11. abraham
    the father of the Jews and Arabs
  12. kibbutz
    a communal society where people voluntarily live and work together for the good of the cummunity
  13. PLO
    Palestine liberation organization: an orginazation with a porpuse to create an independant state of palestine
  14. wadis
    temporary rivers that appear only when it rains
  15. bedouins
    nomads of the Middle East
  16. caste
    a strict division of social classes developed in early indian history
  17. recarnation
    • continuous process of spiritual rebirth believed by Hindu and Buddhists
  18. Marco polo
    an italian merchant who went out exploring china and revived european interest in the east
  19. Dalai lama
    chief priest in lamaism who ruled Tibet
  20. pacific rim
    countries along the rim of the pacific ocean
  21. pinyin system
    chinese spelling and puntuation system that is used to establish a standard form for the chinese language
  22. ring of fire
    • narrow band of volcanoes which encircle the pacific ocean
  23. main ethnic group for banladesh
  24. main ethnic group for israel
  25. main ethnic group for afghanistan
  26. main ethnic group in sri lanka
    • Sinhalese
  27. main ethnic group in taiwan
    • Han Chinese
  28. main ethnisc group in turkey
    • turks
  29. main ethnic group in pakistan
    • punjabis
  30. main ethnic group in jordan
  31. Eurasia
    a land mass that contians Europe and Aisa
  32. Fertial Crescent
    named for its fruitfulness and crescent shape consists of the countries : Israle , Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq
  33. Tigris, Euphrates
    the most important rivers in the eastern Fertile Crescent
  34. West Bank
    some of Israel's most fertiale
  35. Masada
    a fortress built by King Herod the Great and  the place were 960 Jews commited suicide
  36. Petra, Babylon
    the ancient city carved from solid rock
  37. Rub' al Khali
    "the empty quarter " a sea of sand that is covering over 250,000 square miles
  38. Anatolian Plateau
    the dry treeless land that occupies Asia Minor
  39. Transcaucasia
    snowy mountians named for the caucasus mountians
  40. Istanbul, HagiaSophia
    a magnificiant cathedral built by Justinian the Great
  41. Persepolis
    capital of the persian empire
  42. Indus ,Ganges, Brahamputra
    the indian subcontinents main 3 rivers
  43. Taj Mahal
    India's most famous landmark
  44. Huang He, Yangtze
    China's two most important rivers
  45. Forbidden City, Great Wall
    • ( a ) a walled complex palace in Beijing that was once home to China's imperial family
    • (b) China's most famoys landmark that was built to protect China from invaders
  46. Chung-Koo "middle country"
    the name the ancient chinese gave their land because they believed it was the geographical and cultural center of the earth
  47. Mount Fuji
    japans highest peak
  48. Kyoto
    the old imperial capital of japan where the emporer once lived
  49. Mekong
    the longest river in south east asia
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