BUS 200 ch. 11

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  1. Human Capital
    the Productive potential of employee experience, knowledge, and actions
  2. Staffing
    The recruitment, hiring, motivating ,and retention of valuable employees
  3. Human Resource Management
    Consists of the activities managers perform to obtain and maintain an effective workforce to assist organization in achieving goals
  4. Job Analysis
    to determine the basic elements of a job, using observation and analysis
  5. Job description
    which outlines what the holders of the job do and how and why they do it
  6. Job Specification
    which describes the minimum qualifications people must have to perform the job successfully
  7. 4 areas a company must operate in the environment of the American Law
    • labor and unions
    • compensation and benefits
    • workplace health and safety 
    • equal employment opportunity
  8. National Labor Relations Board
    enforces procedures allowing employees to vote to have a union and the rules for collective bargaining
  9. Collective Bargaining
    consists of negotiations between management and employees in disputes over compensation, benefits, working conditions, and job security
  10. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
    prohibits organizations from forcing employees to endure hazardous working conditions
  11. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    • which is charged with enforcing anti discrimination and other employment related laws
    • cover discrimination affirmative action and sexual harassment
  12. Ways to get noticed by prospective Employers
    • Online networking
    • personal networking 
    • paid or unpaid internships
    • transition jobs
  13. Contingent workers
    • temporary workers 
    • employees who are hired for a short time to supplement a company's permanent workface
  14. 3 tools to screen possible employees
    • Background information 
    • Interviewing 
    • Employment tests
  15. On the job
    • shadowing
    • apprenticeship
    • job rotation
  16. Off the job training
    vestibule training in a simulated environment
  17. Performance Appraisals
    consists of a manager's assessing an employee's performance and providing feedback
  18. 360 degree assessment
    employees are appraised not only by their managers but also by their coworkers, subordinates, and sometimes customers or clients
  19. Forced ranking performance review systems
    • systems in which all employees within a business unit are ranked against one another, and grades are distributed along some sort of bell curve
    • Purpose of this system is to identify and remove poor performers and to reward excellent performers
  20. Compensations
    • Consists of base pay
    • benefits
    • incentives
  21. Golden Parachute
    an employment agreement that guarantees a key executive lucrative severance benefits if control of the company changes hands followed by management skills
  22. incentive compensation plans
    • pay for performance
    • bonuses
    • profit sharing
    • stock options
    • gainsharing
  23. Profit sharing
    sharing companies profit with employees
  24. Stock Options
    key employees are given the right to buy stock at a future date for a discounted price
  25. job sharing
    two people divide one full-time job
  26. forms of employee replacement or dismissal
    • Promotion
    • Transfer
    • Disciplining 
    • Dismissal
  27. At will employment
    employer is free to dismiss any employee for any reason at all or no reason and the employee is equally free to quit work
  28. ERISA (1974)
    Rules for private pension plans
  29. FMLA (1993)
    up to 12 weeks unpaid leave
  30. HIPAA (1996)
    Requires insurance portability when changing jobs
  31. COBRA (1985)
    Health insurance benefits for 18 months
  32. Equal Pay Act
    Prohibits pay differences based on gender for performing equal work
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