Chapter 13 Quiz 1

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  1. The Netherlands: Golden Age to Decline
    1.United provinces of the Netherlands
       a._____; semi-autonomous provinces dominated by Holland; States General
       b. Stadtholder; when threatened power given to House of Orange
       c.religious toleration;_____ reform church official
    2.Urban Prosperity
       a.high urban consolidation;transformed _____; extensive trade and finace; an overseas commercial empire
    3.Economic decline
       a.loss of political leadership and _____ supremacy; domestic disunity
       b._____ remained significant
    • Republic
    • Calvinist
    • agriculture
    • naval
    • banks
  2. Two models of European Development
    1.Two types of centralized monarchy
       a._____ concerns drive development; how to raise revenue
       b. Parliamentary Monarchy vs. Political Monarchy
  3. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    1.James 1
       a.succeeds Elizabeth 1; beleives in _____ right of kings
       b.avoid parliament for raising revenue- impositions;enhance Anglican episcopacy-Puritan move to America
       c.scandal and corruption-homosexual favoritism; peace with _____;Catholic penal laws; German protestants
    • divine
    • Spain
  4. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    2.Charles 1
       a.war with Spain;unfunded-extra parliamentary revenue measures cause tension
       b.Petition of Rights;_____ Parliament
       c.Years of personal rule-peace with Spain and France;Thomas Wentworth-efficient centralized government
       d.Redress Grievances-Short Parliament
  5. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    3.Long Parliament and Civil War
       a.landowners,merchants and religious leaders had widespread support-abolish royal courts and establish new powers;_____division
       b.Charles not given funds to put down Scottish rebellion-he invades Parliament
       c.Civil war-king(cavaliers) vs. _____(rounders)
    • religious 
    • Parliament
  6. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    4.Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan Republic
       a.Parliament wins civil war-alliance with _____ and Oliver Cromwell
       b.Charles executed-monarch abolished;Puritan Republic formed
       c.Cromwell raises army and conquers Scots and Irish-_____ atrocities;Parliament disbanded-Cromwell becomes Lord Protector
    • Scots
    • commits
  7. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    5.Charles II and the Restoration of the Monarchy
       a.People tired of Puritan rule; Charles II restores old order in England-wants _____ toleration
       b.Conflict with Parliament-Clarendon code
       c.Treaty of Dover-alliance with France;source of _____;Declaration of indulgence; Test act
       d.Titus Oats and the _____ _____;Whigs against new Catholic king-James II
       e.Charles refuses to call Parliament and persecutes perceived enemies
    • religious
    • revenue
    • Polish Plot
  8. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    6.The Glorious Revolution
       a.James II; Parliament dissolved again;_____appointees;New Declaration of indulgences-seen as royal attack on local authority
       b.Parliament invites William of Orange and English wife _____ to invade England-bloodless Glorious revolution
       c.William and Mary recognize traditional liberties through Bill of Rights and accepted limited powers of the monarchy
       d.Catholics _____ from throne;Toleration Acts
       e.Act of Settlement-settles dispute of heir to throne;George of Hanover
    • Catholic
    • Mary
    • prohibited
  9. Constitutional Crisis and Settlement in Stuart England
    7.Age of Walpole
       a.Sir Robert Walpole-leading member of House of Commons;peace abroad and status quo at _____
       b.lack of central government interference in local affairs leads to profitable revenue base
       c.model of _____ European State-influence North America
    • home
    • progressive
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