Lab: Brain and spinal cord (part 2)

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  1. What is the route from the heart to supply blood to the brain and eyes? (3 parts)
    • 1. common carotid artery
    • 2. internal carotid artery
    • 3. cerebral arterial circle (circle of willis)
  2. What is the route from the heart to supply blood to the external parts of the neck and head (face)? (2 parts)
    • 1. common carotid artery¬†
    • 2. external carotid artery
    • a) falx cerebri
    • b) tentorium cerebelli
    • c) falx cerebelli
    • d) dura mater
  3. Which ventricle does CSF enter through from the 3 holes into the subarachnoid space
    4th ventricle
  4. What is the route to supply blood to the cerebellum, brain stem, and posterior cerebral hemispheres? (3 parts)
    • 1) vertebral arteries -> foramen magnum
    • 2) basilar artery
    • 3) cerebral arterial circle (circle of willis)
  5. What fluid is CSF produced from? How does this occur?
    Blood: plasma leaks out at the choroid plexus in the ventricles and become CSF
  6. After CSF circulates through the spinal cord and brain, where does it end up?
    It ends up in the subarachnoid space to be returned to the blood via the arachnoid granulations
  7. Which dura mater contains the superior sagittal sinus?
    • falx cerebri
  8. T or F: the superior sagittal sinus contains venus blood.
    True: this is also whre CSF is returned to the blood
  9. What is the route of venous return? (4 main parts)
    • 1. superior sagittal sinus -> 2. transverse sinus -> 3. sigmoid sinuses -> 4 internal jugular veins (-> 5. brachiocephalic vein -> 6. superior vena cava -> 7. heart)
    • a) gyri
    • b) sulci
    • c) fissure
    • a) Dura mater
    • b) arachnoid mater
    • c) pia mater
  10. This space is filled with CSF
    subarachnoid space

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