Life Elementary Unit 1- Class 204

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  1. Explorer (noun)
    Kaşif (She’s an explorer.)
  2. Occupation (noun)
    Meslek (What is your occupation?)
  3. Marital Status (noun)
    Medeni durum (My marital status is single.)
  4. Interviewer (noun)
    Muhabir (Interviewer is asking questions.)
  5. Similar (noun)
    Benzer (She similar to her mother.) Similar to smt.
  6. Niece (noun)
    Yeğen/Kız (My sister’s daughter is my niece.)
  7. Nephew (noun)
    Yeğen/Erkek (My sister’s son is my nephew.)
  8. Mother-in-law (noun)
    Kaynana (My husband’s mother is my mother-in-law.)
  9. Step Brother : Half Brother (noun)
    Üvey Kardeş (My step brother’s name is Jack.)
  10. Region : Location (noun)
    Bölge (About 300 people live in the these region.)
  11. Information (noun)
    Bilgi (I need some information.)
  12. Life expectancy (noun)
    Yaşam süresi (In Japani the average life expectancy for a woman is 86.)
  13. Agriculture (noun)
    Tarım (My friends work in agriculture.) In agriculture
  14. Opinion (noun)
    Görüş, düşünce (In my opinion sunny weather is bad.) In … opinion
  15. Average
    Ortalama (Students’ math note average is 45.)
  16. Religion (noun)
    Din (There is 20 big religion in the world.)
  17. Compare (verb)
    Kıyaslamak (I’ll compare these films.)
  18. Celebrate (verb)
    Kutlamak (We celebrated this news.)
  19. Science Lecturer (noun)
    Eğitim Görevlisi (He is a science lecturer.)
  20. Description (noun)
    Tanım (You can find words description at dictionary.)
  21. Introduce (verb)
    Tanıtmak (I’d like to introduce you to my friend. Her name is Alice.) introduce … to
  22. Conference Manager (noun)
    Moderatör (I’m Katerine and I’m the conference manager.) the conference manager
  23. Main Language (noun)
    Ana Dil (Italy’s main language is Italian.)
  24. Education (noun)
    Eğitim (Turkey’s education system is really amazing(!))
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