Week Three Quiz

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  1. What is a bridgehead server? Briefly describe its role in an AD infrastructure, and
    include any facts that may be taken into consideration when building out AD.
    The bridgehead server is a DC that is in charge of replication between AD sites.  You would want a beefier server
  2. When an FTP session is started, SSL encryption can be implied by doing what?
    Starts on port 990
  3. In IIS6, What command line tool can be used to view a list of running application pools?
  4. What is a Global Catalog server? Briefly describe its role in an AD infrastructure, and include any
    facts that may be taken into consideration when building out AD
    A server that holds an incomplete list of some attributes of AD.  In a large scale AD build, you want to put less work on the man DCs, so a GCS is a great way of softening the blows of everyday AD activity
  5. Is SMTP and secure protocol?  Why or why not?
    No, you cannot ensure that SSL will be utilized on mail servers that are not in your system
  6. Where would you go to configure SMTP setting on a windows server 2k8R2 machine?
    start > administrative tools > IIS manager 6
  7. Bob’s Brainiack Kangaroos runs a domain called BBK.com. BBK.com trusts their parent
    company’s domain BrokenBowDynasty.com. Broken Bow Dynasty’s domain trusts their
    outsourced IT company’s domain; Superdorks.com. If users from Superdorks.com can log into BBK.com, what kind of a trust does it have with
    Transitive Trust
  8. List the RAID levels that utilize striping
    RAID 0, 5, 6, 10
  9. What purpose does the Domain Naming master FSMO role serve?
    It is in charge of keeping up with all of the domain names, and it also makes sure that no domain name will be created or changed to match another domain name
  10. Name the reverse look up DNS zones?
    • in-adder.arpa
    • ip6.arpa
  11. What is the FSMO role that can be considered the most critical to AD? explain why, and provide details
    PDC Emulator, It in the number one time source for the entire AD build, and the final authority on passwords
  12. Name the 3 event logs used as a starting point in troubleshooting most problems without an obvious cause.
    System, Security, Application
  13. Name 5 functions that can be performed by the Task Manager.
    End a process, start/stop services, run a program, view users, performance monitoring
  14. I am integrating a new employee body to my domain, and am adding hundreds of users. Suddenly, I start
    getting several odd errors, and am unable to create new users. Network
    connectivity and DNS are good. Where might I look first?
    Check the RID master
  15. Describe an AD tree.
    An AD tree are domains that are connected with a matching name space
  16. What tools might you use to trouble shoot AD replication
    replmon, repadmin
  17. I’m adding a user from Scuba.local to a Domain Administrators role in hashbrown.lunch. When I specify this user to hashbrown.lunch, the domain does not recognize the user and does what to find it?
    Check in infrastructure master
  18. What are 3 ways to create an HTTPS redirection in IIS?
    • 1) Set your default document to automatically open a link to the HTTPS site
    • 2) Use the HTTP redirection module built into IIS
    • 3) Modify the custom error page to redirect to HTTPS
  19. What is a smart host?
    A server that routes outbound mail from multiple servers.
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