Phsycal Interaction Guidelines Test

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  1. What are the 3 levels of LRBI?
    • 1. For All - Positive Behavior Supports
    • 2. For Some - Mildly Intrusive
    • 3. For Few - Highly Intrusive Intervention
  2. What levels DO NOT require a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
    • 1. Positive Supports
    • 2. Mildly Intrusive
  3. What level of LRBI is Forced Physical Guidance?
    Highly intrusive level
  4. What level of LRBI is Physical Restraint?
    Highly intrusive level
  5. What is the difference between Physical Prompting and Forced Guidance?
    Physical Prompting

    Touching a student to teach them what you want them to do. There is NO RESISTANCE.

    Forced Guidance

    Moving the child when giving moderate to severe resistance
  6. What would be required to use Forced Physical Restraint?
    • 1. High levels of positive support
    • 2. History of failed, less intrusive procedures
    • 3. Functional behavioral Assessment
    • 4. Behavioral Intervention Plan
    • 5. Behavioral Specialist Involvement
    • 6. Informed Parent Consent
    • 7. Administrator Consent
    • 8. Human Rights Committee Review
  7. When could you use Forced Physical Guidance or physical restraint on a emergency basis?
    • - Danger to others
    • - Danger to Self
    • - Destruction of Property
    • - Threatened abuse towards self, other, or property
  8. How many times could you use emergency procedures before developing an official, parent signed Behavioral Intervention Plan.
    • Once per week
    • Twice per Month
    • Four times a year
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