Anatomy Quiz 4 2

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  1. Functions of Anterior neck structures
    • • Protection
    • • Communication
    • • Head position
    • • Contains upper parts of respiratory
    • • Connects the upper and lower respiratory and digestive tracts.
  2. Protection.
    The head houses and protects the brain and all the receptor systems associated with the special senses—the nasal cavities associated with smell, the orbits with vision, the ears with hearing and balance, and the oral cavity with taste.
  3. Contains upper parts of respiratory and digestive tracts.
    The head contains the upper parts of the respiratory and digestive systems—the nasal and oral cavities—which have structural features for modifying the air or food passing into each system.
  4. Communication.
    • • Sounds produced by the larynx are modified in the pharynx and oral cavity to produce speech.
    • • muscles of facial expression relay nonverbal signals
  5. Positioning the head.
    The neck supports and positions the head. Importantly, it enables an individual to position sensory systems in the head relative to environmental cues without moving the entire body.
  6. Connects the upper and lower respiratory and digestive tracts.
    The neck contains specialized structures (pharynx and larynx) that connect the upper parts of the digestive and respiratory tracts (nasal and oral cavities) in the head, with the esophagus and trachea, which begin relatively low in the neck and pass into the thorax.
  7. Anterior triangle Borders
    • • Midline
    • • SCM
    • • Mandible
  8. Subtriangles of anterior triangle
    • • Submandibular (digastric) triangle
    • • Carotid triangle
    • • Submental (suprahyoid) triangle
    • • Muscular triangle
  9. Submandibular (digastric) triangle superior border
    mandible (body)
  10. Submandibular (digastric) triangle anterior border
    anterior belly of the digastric
  11. Submandibular (digastric) triangle posterior border
    posterior belly of the digastric and the stylohyoid muscle
  12. Submandibular (digastric) triangle veins/ arteries
    • • Facial
    • • ---Submental
    • • Lingual (small portion)
  13. Submandibular (digastric) triangle nerves
    • • Mylohyoid
    • • Hypoglossal
  14. Submandibular (digastric) triangle structures
    • • Submandibular gland
    • • Submandibular lymph nodes
    • • Inferior portion of the parotid gland
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