Anatomy Quiz 4 5

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  1. Subclavian (omoclavicular) triangle cranial border
    inferior belly of omnohyoid
  2. Subclavian (omoclavicular) triangle caudal border
  3. Posterior border musculature
    • • muscles of the pharynx (constrict and elevate the pharynx),
    • • muscles of the larynx (adjust the dimensions of the air pathway),
    • • strap muscles (position the larynx and hyoid bone in the neck),
  4. Muscles of pharynx
    Constrict and elevate pharynx
  5. Muscles of larynx
    Adjust the dimension of the air pathway
  6. Strap muscles
    Position the larynx and hyoid bones in the neck
  7. Suprahyoid muscles
    • • Stylohyoid
    • • Mylohyoid
    • • Digastrics
    • • Geniohyoid
  8. Infrahyoid muscles
    • • Omohyoid
    • • Sternohyoid
    • • Sternothyroid
    • • Thyrohyoid
  9. muscles of the outer cervical collar
    SCM, Traps (move the head and upper limb),
  10. postural muscles in the muscular compartment of the neck
    Longus colli, scalenes, (position the neck and head).
  11. Neck innervation comes from
    • • Ansa cercicalis
    • • Cervical plexus
  12. Skin of the neck receives sensory innervation from _____________
    both dorsal and ventral rami
  13. ___________________ lacks sensory fibers and does not contribute to the sensory distribution to the neck
    Dorsal ramus of C1, C6-C8
  14. __________ provide most of the sensory innervation to the neck through the sensory branches of the cervical plexus
    ventral rami
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