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  1. Suprascapular(Thyrocervical branch)
    travels inferior to and laterally across the anterior scalene m. and phrenic n. deep to the sternocleidomastoid m. and crosses the posterior triangle of the neck to reach the scapula, where it passes superior to the transverse lig. of the scapula
  2. Transverse cervical (Thyrocervical branch)
    travels across the posterior triangle of the neck to reach the anterior border of the trapezius m.
  3. Costocervical artery source
    A branch of the 1st part of the right subclavian a. and the 2nd part of the left subclavian a.
  4. Costocervical artery branches
    • • Deep cervical
    • • Supreme intercostal
  5. Deep cervical (branch of costocervical)
    travels superiorly along the posterior part of the neck mainly to help supply the muscles
  6. Supreme intercostal (branch of costocervical)
    travels to supply the 1st and 2nd intercostal spaces
  7. Vertebral artery source
    1st part of the subclavian a.
  8. Vertebral artery
    • Ascends to enter the foramen transversarium of C6
    • • Passes around the atlas and then through the foramen magnum to enter the skull, where it unites with the opposite vertebral to form the basilar a. along the ventral surface of the pons
  9. Dorsal scapular artery source
    • 2nd or 3rd part of the subclavian a.
  10. Dorsal scapular artery
    • • Arises from the subclavian a. in about 70% to 75% of people and the transverse cervical a. In the other 25% to 30%
    • • When arising from the subclavian a., it passes posteriorly between the trunks of the brachial plexus to travel across the posterior triangle of the neck to reach the anterior border of the trapezius m
  11. Common Carotid artery track
    • • Bifurcation at ~ C3-4 carotid body, carotid sinus and ascending pharyngeal artery
    • • Internal carotid
    • • External carotid
    • • -----ascending pharyngeal
    • • ----- occipital
    • • -----posterior auricular
    • • -----superficial temporal
    • • ----- maxillary
    • • ----- facial
    • • -----lingual
    • • -----superior thyroid
  12. Common carotid source
    Right common carotid a. is a branch of the brachiocephalic a.; left common carotid a. is a direct branch of the aorta
  13. Common carotid artery
    • • Both common carotids ascend posterior to the sternoclavicular joint into the neck and bifurcate at the superior border of the thyroid cartilage at C3 into the:
    • • ----- External carotid a.
    • • -----Internal carotid a.
    • • There are no branches of the common carotid a. in the neck
    • • Contains carotid body
  14. Carotid body
    • • A chemoreceptor located along the common carotid a.
    • • Usually receives its sensory innervation from the carotid branch of the glossopharyngeal n.
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