Trutinor Pitch

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  1. S Seeming
    It’s one of those quiet, seemingly harmless problems. You don’t even realize you’re doing it.  You step on the scale in the morning, again after lunch, maybe just “out of curiosity” every trip to the bathroom. This is Overweighing, and it affects millions of Americans. Few are aware it is a key indicator of an eating disorder.
  2. C Crossroads
    We want to reach out to a neglected population that sit at the crossroads of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Eating Disorders.
  3. A As many
    As many as ten million people, possibly more, in the United States alone, engage in the harmful practice of Overweighing. They step on the scale ten, twenty, a hundred times a day. Bathroom scales become enablers of this harmful practice.
  4. L Limited Use
    Our solution to this is simple: a limited use bathroom scale we call the Trutinor. The Trutinor is designed to be used in conjunction with a mental health or nutritional health specialist. The Trutinor dissuades Overweighing by disallowing readouts beyond a user-determined rate, say one a day, or once a week.
  5. I If
    If you step on the Trutinor after your allotted readout, you get various encouraging messages like “Weight is just a number,” or even a reminder of your health specialist’s contact information. The Trutinor records all weigh-ins, and records relevant statistics for you and your health professional to discuss at checkups.
  6. N eNabling
    N eNabling By enabling the sufferer to consistently address their problem, the Trutinor acts similarly to a spotter at a gym; it promotes safe practices, a sense of agency, and positive encouragement.  It is designed to help modify the desired behavior in a positive and healthy way, while still maintaining the essential functionality of a scale.
  7. G Geared
    The Trutinor is geared to help nudge people towards better decisions. This is a simple yet relevant idea that can improve life quality for a neglected and rarely discussed population. Thank you.
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