Chapter 5 Social Studies

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  1. What was the name of the route that explorers tried to find that went through North America to Asia.   This route was never found.
    Northwest Passage
  2. a Spanish explorer who came to the Americas in the 1500s and claimed large areas of land for Spain.  Conquistador means "conqueror" in Spanish.  The conquistadors often conquered native peoples and ruled over them in the nam of Spain.
  3. The supposed route across the northern part of North America that Europeans were looking for but never found.  The explorers had hoped to find this route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean so that they could get from Europe to Asia More quickly.
    Northwest Passage
  4. A sickness that can pass quickly from one person to another as germs are spread by touch or through the air.
    Contagious disease
  5. Southwest Asia, including India, Indonesia and Malaysia.
    East Indies
  6. A community ruled by another country, not by its own people.
  7. Who were the conquistadors?
    • Christopher Columbus
    • John Cabot
    • Juan Ponce de Leon
    • Hernan Cortes
    • Jacques Cartier
    • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
    • Henry Hudson
    • Robert de La Salle
  8. What were the conquistadors searching for in the New World?
    The were searching for new trade routes to find spices and silks of Asia. They opened the way for settlers.  They claimed land for Spain
  9. Understand and use a timeline of events.
    : )
  10. Identify and locate on a map the routes that each of the eight European explorers took to the New World
    See pg 67 in your book or the drawing
  11. Explain how European explorers made a positive  (good) impact in the New World.  Give Two Examples
    • New trade routes changed the history of the world.  
    • Animals and crops were introduced from one side of the Atlantic to the other.
    • Trade between Europe and the New World grew.  the New World had a perfect climate for growing crops
  12. Explain how European explorers made a negative (bad) impact on the New World.  Give two examples.
    • Many native americans became slaves and were forced to work in fields and mine for gold.
    • Explorers took land from the natives and claimed it for Spain.
    • Explorers brought disease like small pox to the New World.
  13. Choose one of the eight explorers and explain the importance of what he did.  How did his work help Europeans understand the New World
    Pick one of the explorers from the chapter
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