Pharmacology for RCP: Module 3 (Study Guide)

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  1. Primary clinical uses of neuromuscular blocking agents
    • *To facilitate endotracheal intubation
    • *To obtain muscle relaxation during surgery, particularly of the thorax and abdomen
    • *To enhance patient-ventilator synchrony
    • *To reduce intracranial pressure in intubated patients with uncontrolled intracranial pressure
    • *To reduce oxygen consumption
    • *To terminate convulsive status epilepticus and tetanus in patient refractory to other therapies
    • *To facilitate procedures or diagnostic studies
    • *To paralyze patients who must remain immobile (e.g., trauma patients)
  2. Define Nondepolarizing Agents
    *Agents that paralyze skeletal muscle by simple competitive inhibition of Ach at muscle receptor site.
  3. List the depolarizing agents:
    Succinylcholine is the only available agent in the group.
  4. Define depolarizing agents:
    Agents to open sodium channels and depolarize the postsynaptic muscle membrane in the same manner as Ach
  5. Maximal paralyzing effects of nondepolarizing agents are reached in _____ minutes?
    1 to 3
  6. The effects of nondepolarizing blocking agents can be reversed by:
    the use of cholinesterase inhibitors, such as neostigmine
  7. Succinylcholine would be to patients...
    requiring intubation
  8. Benefits of neuromuscular paralysis in ventilator management include:
    • *improved ventilation
    • *improved oxygenation
    • *not fighting vent
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