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  1. acoustics
    the quality of sound
  2. alimentary
    relating to good and nourishment
  3. ameliorate
    to make better; to lessen pain
  4. antagonism
    hatred or hostility
  5. appease
    to make tranquil or quiet; specially by giving into anothers demand; pacify
  6. austere
    having great economy; showing self-control
  7. bellicose
    of a quarrelsome nature; eager to fight
  8. braggart
    one who boasts a great deal
  9. carp
    to find fault; to be critical
  10. circumlocution
    speaking in circles; round-about speech
  11. complacent
    self-satisfied; ----smug----
  12. congenial
    compatible; sympathetic
  13. contentious
    quarrelsome; belligerent
  14. culinary
    having to do with cooking; preparing meals
  15. deride
    to ridicule or make fun of; to scoff at
  16. diffuse
    spread out; not concise; wordy
  17. disputatious
    likely to dispute or argumentative
  18. eloquence
    artful ease with speaking
  19. esteem
    to value highly; to have great regard for
  20. exalt
    to praise or glorify; to lift up in status, dignity or power
  21. fleeting
  22. gregarious
    sociable, outgoing
  23. impassioned
    filled with passion emotion
  24. indolent
    lazy, not wanting to do any work
  25. intractable
    stubborn; hard to manage
  26. laconic
    using few words in speech
  27. lavish
    generous in giving to other or in spending money
  28. loquacious
    very talkative; liking to talk; garrulous
  29. mercenary
    greedy for self-gain; thinking only of money-making
  30. mundane
    commonplace; ordinary
  31. nomadic
  32. obsolete
    old; outdated; no longer in use
  33. pacify
    to calm; to make peaceful
  34. peripatetic
    moving to talking about; itinerant
  35. placate
    to make calm; to soothe
  36. precarious
    dangerous or risky; uncertain
  37. profuse
    abundant; more than enough
  38. quandary
    a dilemma; a confusing or puzzling situation
  39. rant
    to talk very loudly, even wildly; rave
  40. recalcitrant
    stubborn; disobedient; defiant
  41. reticent
    not talking much; reserved
  42. sedentary
    having to do with sitting around a lot
  43. squander
    to spend money in a wasteful; uncaring fashion
  44. subordinate
    inferior; lower in rank or status
  45. surfeit
    an oversupply
  46. terse
    concise, only using the words that are necessary sometimes to a point of rudeness
  47. trite
    unoriginal and stale due to overuse
  48. unyielding
    stubborn; inflexible
  49. vibrant
    lively; full of vitality
  50. voluble
    talking with a great deal of ease; glib
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