The network stack

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  1. What is a protocol?
    Agreed rules of communication and behaviour
  2. What are the network layers IP stack in order?
    • 5. Application
    • 4. Transport
    • 3. Network
    • 2. Data Link
    • 1. Physical
  3. What is the physical layer?
    The medium through which signals travel
  4. What is the Data Link Layer
    Layer 2. Talks to nodes which you can reach without an intermediary (formats messages correctly and sends to physical layer)
  5. What is the addressing mechanism for the Data Link Layer?
    Ethernet, WiFi, infrared, MAC addresses
  6. What is the Network Layer?
    • Network Layer (3) communicates with any host on the 'internet'
    •  - finds a node closer to destination
    •  - sends packet in that direction
  7. What address does Network Layer use?
    uses IP or internet protocol
  8. What is the Transport Layer?
    Transport Layer (4) uses connection oriented, stream based protocols
  9. What addresses do the Transport Layer use?
    • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
    •  - connection orientated, stream based
    •  - in order
    •  - doesnt move on until current part of stream has been delivered

    • User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
    •  - connectionless and messaged based
    •  - unreliable
    •  - DP faster if dont mind messages going missing without aknowledgement
  10. What is the Application Layer?
    • Application layer (5) is the layer that builds on layer 4 
    •  - SSH, HTTP, bit torrent, Skype
    •  - Telnet (TCP)
    •  - netcat (TCP, UDP)
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