Reinforcement Test

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  1. Define Reinforcement:
    A stimulus that follows a behavior and increases or strengthens that behavior.
  2. Name 4 thing that determine the effectiveness of a reinforcer:
    • Immediacy
    • Value of reinforcer
    • How often you reinforce
    • The difficulty of the behavior for the child
  3. Name 6 types of reinforcers:
    • Praise
    • Social Play
    • Edibles
    • Toys / Preferred objects
    • Activities
    • Tokens
  4. Name the 5 schedules of reinforcement and briefly describe them:
    Fixed ratio schedule - Every_____ response is rewarded

    Variable ratio schedule - Responses are rewarded randomly 

    Fixed interval schedule - Responses are rewarded after fixed amount of time

    Variable interval schedule - Responses are rewarded after a set time.  The set amount of time changes randomly.

    Extinction - A previously reinforced behavior  that is no longer reinforced  .
  5. What are 4 thing that help praise be most efective:
    • - look at the child's face
    • - smile
    • - be genuine  in your praise (tone of voice)
    • - use a variety of praise statements
  6. Name 3 things that may happen if your  Reinforcement is ineffective:
    • - The student will misbehave 
    • - The student will not learn new skills
    • - The student won't pay attention 
    • - The student will not like working with you
    • - Self Stimulatory behavior will increase
  7. What is behavioral bribery:
    Offering a positive stimulus after a negative behavior to entice the child to behave well. (immediately following the BAD behavior)
  8. Why is behavioral bribery wrong:
    Strengthens the bad behavior you are trying to eliminate
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