General Insurance

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  1. Not all losses are insurable, and there are
    certain requirements that must be met before a risk is a proper subject for
    insurance. These requirements include all of the following except
    • a. The loss produced by the risk must be definite.
    • b. The loss may be intentional. (correct)
    • c. The loss must not be catastrophic
    • d. There must be a sufficient number of homogeneous exposure units to make losses
  2. An individual applies for a life policy. Two
    years ago he suffered a head injury from an accident, so he cannot remember
    parts of his past, but is otherwise competent. He has also been hospitalized for drug abuse, but doesn't remember this when applying for insurance.  The insurer issues the policy and learns of his history 1 year later. What will probably happen?
  3. The policy will not be affected
  4. Which of the following is the basis for a claim against an insurance policy?
  5. All of the following actions by a person could be described as a risk avoidance Except
    a. taking a flu shot each year
    b. Investing in the stock market 
    c.  Refusing to scuba dive
    d. Never flying in an airplance
    investing in the stock market
  6. The risk management technique that is used to prevent a specific loss by not exposing yourself to that activity is called?
  7. Courts will interpret any ambiguity in an insurance contract
    in favor of the insured
  8. concerning insurance, the definition of a fiduciary responsibility is
    Handling insurer funds in a trust capacity
  9. under what conditions would a contract between an insurer and prospective insured be legal?
    A. applicant is 12 year old student
    B.applicant is high on methamphetamines 
    C.the applicant has been convicted of a felony
    D. applicant is drunk at the time of contract
    C. applicant has been convicted of felony.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  10. When agents are acting within the scope of their contract their actions will be the acts of the
  11. Following a career change, an insured is no longer required to perform many physical activities, so he has implement a program where he walks and jogs for 45 minutes each morning. The insured has also eliminated most fatty foods from his diet. which method of dealing with risk does this scenario describe?
  12. which of the following must an insurer obtain in order to transact insurance within a given state.
    Certificate of Authority
  13. an insurance company is domiciled in Montana and transacts insurance in Wyoming. which term best describes the insure's classification in Wyoming.
  14. An agent accepts the premium payment 35 days after it is due, telling the insured that there will not be a problem keeping the policy in force. This is an example of what type of agent authority?
  15. An insurer neglects to pay a legitimate claim that is covered under the terms of the policy. which of the following terms best describes what the insurer has violated?
  16. Which of the following best describes the aleatory nature of an insurance contract?
    Exchange of unequal values
  17. according to the Law of Agency, a principal is represented by
    an Agent.
  18. What documentation grants express authority to an agent?
    Agent's contract with the principal
  19. which authority is NOT stated in an agent's contract but is required for the agent to conduct business?
  20. which of the following insurance providers would be considered a risk sharing arrangement?
  21. what is the term for the entity that an agent represents regarding contractual agreements with third parties?
  22. the closest term to an "authorized" insurer
  23. authorities that an agent can hold?
    Express and implied
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