Edexcel Core Science

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  1. What do we extract metals from?
  2. Which two methods are used to extract metals?
    • Heating with carbon
    • Electrolysis
  3. Describe when a metal can be extracted by heating with carbon?
    When the metal is lower than carbon in the reactivity series
  4. Describe when electrolysis is used to extract a metal
    When the metal is higher than carbon in the reactivity series
  5. What does oxidation mean?
    Gaining oxygen
  6. What does reduction mean?
    The loss of oxygen
  7. Why should we recycle metals?
    • To preserve the metal ore
    • To prevent landfill sites filling up
  8. What is a property of aluminum?
    It has a low density
  9. Why is copper used in electrical wiring?
    • Good electrical conductor
    • Unreactive
  10. Why is gold used to make jewellry?
    Because it is unreactive
  11. What is an alloy?
    A mixture of metals
  12. Why are pure metals soft?
    • The atoms are all the same size
    • They are arranged in layers
    • Which can slide over each other easily
  13. Why are alloys hard?
    • The atoms are different sizes
    • The layers are distorted
    • They cannot slide over each other easily
  14. What is a smart alloy?
    An alloy which returns to its original shape on heating
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