Geography Midterm Definitions to Know!

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  1. Assimilation
    the process where an immigrant gradually adopts to the culture of a larger group
  2. Basic Industry
    sells its products outside the community. which brings money to the community
  3. Birth Rate
    number of deaths per 1000 people
  4. Carrying Capacity
    number of people that could be supported at the current living standards
  5. CMA
    Census Metropolitan Area
  6. Cultural Baggage
    an item or tradition brought from one culture and carried on to a persons new residence
  7. Cultural Gap
    younger generations adapt faster than older folks did
  8. Death Rate
    number of deaths per 1000 people
  9. Demography
    study of population numbers
  10. Ecological Footprint
    measure of total human impact on an ecosystem
  11. Ecological Overshoot
    amount by which our resource demands exceed Earth's Supply
  12. Economic Immigrant
    category of immigrant that can 1)Skilled Workers 2) Can contribute financially
  13. Emigrate
    to leave your country to live permanently in another country
  14. Ethnic Launching Pad
    place where new immigrants settle and begin their new life
  15. Fair Earth Share
    measurement of productive land in world divided by number of people in the world.
  16. Family Immigrant
    Canadian Family members can bring family member over to Canada
  17. Greenbelt
    protected undeveloped land
  18. High Order Goods
    high priced product barely purchased
  19. Immigrate
    to move permanently to a country other than one's native country
  20. Immigration Rate
    number of Canadians who have immigrated from another country per 1000 people.
  21. Industrial Revolution
    When steam and water power was introduced to factory's increasing there sales. Happened in England in the late 1700s
  22. Intervening Obstacle
    event that discourages people from migrating to another country
  23. Inter provincial Migration
    re-location of one individual from on province to another
  24. Low Order Goods
    product purchased frequently
  25. Middle Order Goods
    middle class product purchased occasionally
  26. Multicultural
    society of many different cultures
  27. Multiculturalism
    description of many different religious traditions and cultural influences that in their unity and coexistence in Canada make up Canadian culture
  28. Multiplier Effect
    effect on the economy caused by expansion or contraction in one part of it.
  29. Natural Increase Rate
    difference between the birth rate and the death rate of a country
  30. New Urbanism
    New planning movement to stop urban and suburban sprawl
  31. Non-Basic Industry
    sells its products within the community, which does not bring money to the community
  32. Pull Factor
    Factor that draws people to a country

    Example: Job Oppurtunitys
  33. Push Factor
    factor that pushes people out of their country

    Example: War
  34. Racism
    the feeling or action of hostility towards a person of another cultural group
  35. Refugee
    Immigrates to another country out of fear for their life
  36. Rule Of 70
    where you divide 70 by by population growth rate to estimate amount of years it would take for the country's population to double.
  37. Rural Urban Fringe
    area next to an urban area where there is a mixture of urban and rural land uses
  38. Smart Growth
    to promote and manage growth of communities to sustain economy
  39. Sustainability
    approach to development where there is no negative affects to the future of our generations.
  40. Threshold Population
    number of customers needed to make business profitable
  41. Urban Growth
    actual number of people by which a city or towns population grows
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