NUR1230, Test 5 Nutrition 1,2,3, Diabetic...

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  1. antireflux valve
    valve that prevents return or backward flow of fluid
  2. aspiration
    1. removal of substance by suction

    2. breathing of fluids or foods into the trachea and lungs
  3. bolus
    a feeding administered into the stomach in large amounts and at designated intervals
  4. CVAD
    central venous access device

    a device designed and used for long-term administration of medications and fluids into central veins
  5. cyclic feeding
    periodic infusion of feedings given over a short period (8-18 hours)
  6. decompression (intestinal)
    removal of gastric or intestinal contents to prevent gas and fluid distention (Ausdehnung)
  7. dumping syndrome

    causes ...3
    • rapid emptying of the stomach contents into the small intestine
    • causes

    • 1. sweating
    • 2. weakness
    • 3. diarrhea
  8. duodenum
    first part of the small intestine,

    which arises from the pylorus of the stomach and extends to the jejunum
  9. list the parts and describe the way of nutrients through the body
    look up
  10. enteral nutrition
    nutritional formula feedings

    introduced through a tube

    directly into the gastrointestinal tract
  11. gastrostomy
    surgical creation of an opening

    into the stomach

    for the purpose of administering

    foods and fluids
  12. IVFE
    intravenous fat emulsion

    an oil-in- water emulsion of

    • 1. oils
    • 2. egg phospholipids
    • 3. glycerin
  13. glycerin
    C3H8O3; a trihydric alcohol, trihydroxy-propane, present in chemical combination in all fats. It is a syrupy colorless liquid, soluble in all proportions in water and alcohol. It is made commercially by the hydrolysis of fats, esp. during the manufacture of soap, and is used extensively as a solvent, a preservative, and an emollient in various skin diseases.
  14. phospholipid
    A diglyceride containing phosphorus, such as lecithin. The lipid portion of cell membranes is primarily phospholipids.
  15. intubation
    the insertion or placement

    of a tube

    into a body structure or passageway
  16. jejunum
    second portion of the small intestine,

    which extends

    from the duodenum to the ileum
  17. lavage

    of the stomach

    with water or other fluids

    with a gastric tube

    to clear it
  18. lumen
    the channel


    a tube or catheter
  19. nasoduodenal tube

    through the nose into duodenum

    (proximal part of small intestine)
  20. nasoenteric tube

    through nose into the stomach

    and beyond the pylorus

    into the small intestine
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NUR1230,Test 5 Nutrition 1,2,3,Diabetic...
NUR1230, Test 5 Nutrition 1,2,3, Diabetic...
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