Parasite stuff

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  1. Intermediate host
    • parasite multiplies asexually
    • never develops the adult form of the parasite
  2. Definitive host
    • parasite multiplies sexually
    • adult form of the parasite develops
  3. Resevoir
    parasite lives and multiplies without damaging host
  4. Vector
    an organism that transmits a pathogen from one organism to another
  5. Carrier
    an organism that is asymptomatic or immune that harbors and transmits a pathogen
  6. Potozoa v helminth multiplication
    • generally protozoa multiply in the human
    • helminths lay eggs that have to leave and reinfect
    • eosinophilia is the tip off to a parasitic infection
  7. Control of parasitic diseases
    • preventing route of transmission (often fecal-oral)
    • vector control
    • chemotherapy
    • vaccine development
  8. Trematode basics
    • flat worm/fluke
    • two anterior suckers, one ventral
    • most are hermaphroditic
    • all include molluscan hosts
  9. Cestode basics
    • tapeworms
    • long ribbonlike helminths
    • no body cavity
    • scolex (head), neck and strobila (semented body)
    • sucking disks and hooklets
    • hermaphroditic
    • proglottid ruptures releasing eggs
  10. Nematode basics
    • bilateral symmetry with our same body systems
    • still some good drugs against them
    • separate sexes
    • 2mm-1m+
  11. Filariasis
    • blood, lymphatic and subcutaneous tissue nematodes
    • adult in lymphatic vessel or subcutaneous nodule
    • microfilariae circulate blood or skin at feeding times and die if not taken up by insect
    • insect transmits larva
    • africa and asia
    • human only resevoir (no reproduction in humans)
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