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  1. arachnoid mater
    delicate weblike layer of meninges, middle layer
  2. dura mater
    outer meninges, fibrous membrane protecting CNS
  3. leptomeninx
    arachnoid mater and pia mater
  4. medulla oblongata
    part of brain stem that sends sensory info to thalamus to direct autonomic fxn of heart, lungs, and other viscera
  5. frontal lobe
    voluntary muscle movements and other sensory and motor tasks are directed
  6. meninges
    three layer membrane surrounding brain and spinal cord
  7. mesencephalon
    middle part of brain between diencephalon and pons. aka midbrain
  8. neuroglia
    cells within CNS and PNS
  9. occipital lobe
    sense of sight
  10. parietal lobe
    sense of touch
  11. pia mater
    inner layer of meninges
  12. pons
    info to cerebellum and thalamus to regulate subconscious somatic activities
  13. temporal lobe
    senses of hearing, smell, and taste
  14. thalamus
    processes sensory information
  15. ventricles
    cavities beween the cerebrum and brain stem
  16. amnesia
    loss of memory
  17. aphasia
    loss of speech
  18. ataxia
    lack of muscular coordination
  19. cerebral thrombosis
    blood clot in brain
  20. cerebrovascular accident
    cerebral stroke. acute clinical event related to impairment of cerebral circulation
  21. dysphasia
    impaired speech
  22. epidural hematoma
    collection of blood in space between skull and dura mater
  23. glioblastoma
    cerebral tumor occurring most frequently in adults
  24. glioma
    tumor of glial tissue
  25. grand mal seizure
    severe seizure with tonic-clonic convulsion
  26. hydrocephalus
    excessive cerebrospinal fluid in brain
  27. hyperesthesia
    abnormal sensitivity to touch
  28. kleptomania
    uncontrollable impulse to steal
  29. meningioma
    benign tumor of the meninges
  30. multiple sclerosis
    CNS disease from formation of plaques in brain and spinal cord
  31. myasthenia gravis
    muscle weakness, lack of strength
  32. myelitis
    inflammation of spinal cord
  33. myelomengingocele
    protrusion of membranes of brain or spinal cord through defect in cranium or vertebral column
  34. neuralgia
    pain in a nerve
  35. OCD
    type of anxiety disorder by persistent throughts and impulses with repetitive responses that interfere with daily activities
  36. paraplegia
    paralysis of lower extremities and often lower trunk of body
  37. paresthesia
  38. Parkinson's
    disease of nerves in brain due to imbalance of dopamine
  39. petit mal seizure (aka absence seizures)
    milder form of seizure lasting a few seconds and no convulsive movements
  40. plegia
  41. poliomyelitis
    inflamed gray matter of spinal cord
  42. psychosis
    serious disorder involving maked distortion of (or sharp break from) reality
  43. schizophrenia
    auditory hallucinations, paranoia and inability to distinguish reality from fiction
  44. seizure
    sudden disturbance in brain function producing a convulsion
  45. somnambulism
    sleep walking
  46. subdural hematoma
    collection of blood trapped in space beneath dura mater, between dura and arachnoid layers of meninges
  47. syncope
  48. transient ischemic attack (TIA)
    temporary interruption in blood supply to brain
  49. vertigo
  50. craniectomy
    excision of part of skull
  51. craniotomy
    incision into the skull
  52. electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or electroshock therapy (EST)
    controlled convulsion produced by passing an electric current through brain
  53. lobotomy
    incision into a lobe
  54. MRI
    uses radio waves and strong magnetic field to produce images of soft tissue
  55. myelography
    radiography of spinal cord and nerve roots
  56. neuroplasty
    surgery to repair a nerve
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