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  1. adenogenous
    originating in a gland
  2. adenohypophysis
    anterior pituitary gland
  3. adrenocorticotropic
    pituitary secretion that stimulates adrenal glands
  4. calcitonin
    hormone secreted by thyroid to prevent too much calcium from absorbing into bones
  5. exocrine
    describing a gland that delivers its secretions through a duct onto skin or other epithelial surface
  6. glucagon
    secreted by pancreas
  7. hypophysis
    synonym for pituitary gland
  8. islets of Langerhans
    clusters of cells in pancreas that secrete insulin
  9. melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH)
    hormone secreted from anterior pituitary gland
  10. melatonin
    secreted by pineal gland
  11. neurohypophysis
    synonym for posterior pituitary gland
  12. oxytocin
    secreted by posterior pituitary gland
  13. pancreas
    feather-shaped organ that lies posterior to stomach
  14. prolactin
    secretion of anterior pituitary gland
  15. suprarenal glands
    aka adrenal glands
  16. acromegaly
    enlargement of extremities caused by excessive secretion of growth hormone after puberty
  17. Addison's disease
    disorder from failure of adrenal glands to produce hydrocortisone and aldosterone
  18. adenitis
    inflammation of a gland
  19. adenohypophysitis
    inflammation of hypophysis (pituitary gland)
  20. adrenalitis
    inflammation of adrenal gland
  21. adrenomegaly
    enlargement of adrenal glands
  22. Cushing's syndrome
    hormonal disorder caused by too much hydrocortisone
  23. diabetes insipidus
    condition from failure of posterior pituitary to produce enough antidiuretics
  24. gigantism
    abnormal overgrowth of body due to excessive secretion of growth hormone before puberty
  25. glycosuria
    sugar in urine
  26. goiter
    chronic enlargement of thyroid gland
  27. Graves disease
    common form of hyperthroidism from overproduction of thyroxine from false immune system response
  28. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
    autoimmune disorder that attacks thyroid gland causing hypothyroidism
  29. hypophysitis
    inflammation of pituitary gland
  30. hypopituitarism
    condition of diminished hormone secretion from anterior pituitary gland
  31. thyroaplasia
    congenital condition from low thyroid output
  32. thyroiditis
    inflammation of thyroid gland
  33. thyromegaly
    enlargement of thyroid gland
  34. adenectomy
    excision of a gland
  35. adenotomy
    incision of a gland
  36. adrenalectomy
    surgical removal of 1 or both adrenal glands
  37. hypophysectomy
    surgical remvoal of hypophysis (pituitary gland)
  38. thyroidectomy
    excision of thyroid gland
  39. thyrotomy
    surgery performed on thyroid gland
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