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  1. artificial immunity
    immunity acquired from a vaccination
  2. neutrophil
    a granulocyte that is the chief phagocytic WBC
  3. spleen
    immune system organ that gets rid of damaged RBC and reclaims and restores iron
  4. thymus
    immune system gland located behind sternum
  5. tonsil
    collection of lymph tissue
  6. hemolysis
    change/destruction of RBC
  7. Hodgkin's lymphoma
    chronic malignant disease of lymph nodes
  8. lymphadenitis
    inflammation of lymph node
  9. lymphadenopathy
    chronic or excessively swollen lymph nodes
  10. lymphangitis
    inflammation of lymph vessels
  11. lymphatitis
    inflammation of lymph vessel or nodes
  12. lymphedema
    swelling of subcutaneous tissue due to obstruction of lymph vessels or nodes
  13. lmphoma
    tumor of lymph tissue
  14. lymphopathy
    disease of lymph vessels or nodes
  15. splenitis
    inflammation of the spleen
  16. splenomegaly
    enlargement of spleen
  17. splenopathy
    any disease of spleen
  18. systemic lupus erythematosus
    inflammatory connective tissue disorder with variable features. diffuse erythematous butterfly rash on face
  19. thymitis
    inflammation of thymus
  20. tonsillitis
    inflammation of a tonsil
  21. lymphangiography
    radiography of lymph vessels
  22. lymphadenectomy
    excision of lymph nodes
  23. lymphagiectomy
    excision of lymph vessel
  24. lymphangiotomy
    incision of a lymph vessel
  25. splenectomy
    excision of spleen
  26. splenorrhaphy
    suture of a ruptured spleen
  27. splenotomy
    incision of spleen
  28. thymectomy
    excision of thymus
  29. tonsillectomy
    excision of a tonsil
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