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  1. apex
    word used to describe upper tip of each lung
  2. cilia
    small hairs in hupper respiratory tract that sweep foreign matter and mucus out of respiratory tract
  3. epiglottis
    mucous membrane-covered, leaf-shaped piece of cartilage at root of tongue
  4. glottis
    vocal folds and apparatus
  5. mediastinum
    area between lungs that houses heart, aorta trachea, esophagus, and bronchi
  6. nasopharynx
    upper portion of pharynx
  7. oropharynx
    middle portion of pharynx
  8. phrenic
    referring to diaphragm
  9. pleura
    serous membrane that surrounds lung
  10. sputum
    thick mucus ejected through mouth
  11. trachea
  12. apnea
    absence of breathing
  13. atelectasis
    collapse of a lung leading to decreased gas exchange
  14. bradypnea
    abnormal slowness of respiration
  15. bronchial pneumonia
    inflammation of smaller bronchial tubes
  16. bronchiectasis
    chronic dilation of bronchi
  17. bronchiolitis
    inflammation of bronchioles
  18. bronchiostenosis
    narrowing of bronchial tubes
  19. bronchitis
    inflammation of mucous membrane of bronchial tubes
  20. bronchopneumonia
    inflammation of smaller bronchial tubes
  21. Cheyne-Stokes
    a rhythmic respiratory pattern where there is a variation in depth of respirations alternating with periods of apnea
  22. croup
    viral infection that causes swelling of larynx and epiglottis. characterized by barking noise
  23. cystic fibrosis
    genetic disorder in which lungs become clogged with excessive amounts of abnormally thick mucus
  24. dysphonia
    difficult speech
  25. dyspnea
    difficult breathing
  26. emphysema
    condition in which alveoli are inefficient because of distension
  27. hemoptysis
    blood-tinged frothy sputum
  28. Kussmaul
    rapid deep respirations that are characteristic of an acid-base imbalance (in uncontrolled diabetes)
  29. laryngostenosis
    narrowing of larynx
  30. orthopnea
    discomfort or difficulty in breathingwhile lying flat
  31. pertussis
    acute infectious inflammation of larynx, trachea, and bronchi
  32. phrenoplegia
    paralysis of diaphragm
  33. pneumolith
    calculus (stone) in a lung
  34. pneumonitis
    inflammation of a lung caused by infection, chemical inhalation or trauma
  35. pneumothorax
    accumulation of air in pleural space
  36. rales
    abnormal breath sound. crackles
  37. rhinitis
    inflammation of inner lining of nasal cavity
  38. rhinopathy
    any disease of nose
  39. rhinorrhea
    discharge from rhinal mucous membrane
  40. rhonchi
    abnormal breath sound. low-pitched sonorous sounds
  41. sinusitis
    inflammation of respiratory sinuses
  42. stridor
    high-pitched squeaking sound frequently associated with croup
  43. tachypnea
    abnormal rapid respiration
  44. tracheitis
    inflammation of trachea
  45. tracheostenosis
    abnormal narrowing of trachea
  46. antipyretic
    drug to reduce fever
  47. arterial blood gas
    measures partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide in arterial blood
  48. laryngoscope
    instrument with a light at tip to aid in visual inspection of larynx
  49. pharyngoscope
    instrument with a light at tip to aid in visual inspection of pharynx
  50. postural drainage
    physical therapy technique where patient lies on side on a decline to help drain lungs
  51. pulse oximeter
    device that measures oxygen saturation of arterial blood by reference to light wave lengths
  52. rhinoscopy
    visual inspection of nasal areas
  53. bronchoplasty
    surgical repair of bronchus
  54. laryngectomy
    excision of larynx
  55. laryngoplasty
    surgical repair of larynx
  56. laryngotomy
    incision into larynx
  57. pharyngoplasty
    surgical repair of pharynx
  58. pharyngotomy
    surgical incision into pharynx
  59. pneumonectomy
    removal of pulmanory lobes from a lung
  60. pneumonorrhaphy
    suturing of a lung
  61. pneumonotomy
    incision into a lung
  62. rhinoplasty
    surgery performed on nose
  63. rhinotomy
    surgical incision into nose
  64. sinusotomy
    incision into a sinus
  65. spirometer
    device used to measure respiratory gases
  66. thoracentesis
    insertion of a needed into pleural cavity to withdraw fluid, to drain excess fluid, or to re-expand a collapsed lung
  67. tracheoplasty
    surgical repair of trachea
  68. tracheostomy
    surgical creation of an opening into trachea to form an airway or to prepare for insertion of a tube for ventilation
  69. tracheotomy
    incision into trachea for purpose of restoring airflow to lungs
  70. otolaryngologist
    physician specializeds in ear, nose, and throat diseases
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