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  1. alimentary canal
    GI tract
  2. bilirubin
    waste produced by worn out RBC breaking down
  3. cardiac sphincter
    ringlike muscle between esophagus and stomach that controls food flow
  4. deglutition
  5. fundus
    part of stomach lying above cardia notch
  6. ileocecal sphincter
    muscular ring that separates distal portion of ileum and beginning of cecum
  7. peristalsis
    wavelike muscular contractions that move food along digestive tract
  8. pyloric sphincter
    ring muscle between stomach and duodenum
  9. ascites
    abnormal accumulation of fluid in peritoneal cavity
  10. bruxism
    involuntary grinding of teeth that usually occurs during sleep
  11. cholangiolitis
    inflammation of bile ducts
  12. cholecystitis
    inflammation of gallbladder
  13. choledocholithiasis
    inflammation of bile duct caused by gall stones
  14. cholelithiasis
    formation or presence of stones in gallbladder or common bile duct
  15. cirrhosis
    chronic disease of liver
  16. colitis
    inflammation of colon
  17. dental caries
    tooth decay
  18. diverticulitis
    inflammation of diverticulum or sac in intestinal tract
  19. dyspepsia
    impairment of digestion
  20. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  21. enteritis
    inflammation of intestine
  22. enterohepatitis
    inflammation of intestine and liver
  23. eructation
    act of belching or burping gas up fron stomach
  24. gastrocele
    hernia of stomach
  25. gastroduodenitis
    inflammation of stomach and duodenum
  26. gastroenteritis
    inflammation of stomach and intestine
  27. gingivitis
    inflammation of gums
  28. hermorrhoids
    enlarged veins in or near anus that may cause pain or bleeding
  29. hepatitis
    inflammation of liver
  30. hepatogenic
    originating in liver
  31. hepatomegaly
    enlarged liver
  32. hiatal hernia
    protrusion of stomach through diaphragm into thoracic cavity
  33. hyperemesis
    excessive vomiting
  34. inguinal hernia
    outpouching of intestines into inguinal or groin region
  35. intussusception
    one part of intestine slipping or telescoping over another
  36. jaundice/icterus
    yellowish cast to skin, sclera, and mucous membranes caused by bile deposits
  37. melena
    blood in stool
  38. parotiditis
    inflammation of parotid salivary glands
  39. peritonitis
    inflammation of peritoneal cavity
  40. polyp
    growth protruding from a stalk in digestive tract
  41. sialoadenitis
    inflammation of salivary gland
  42. sialoangiitis
    inflammation of salivary duct
  43. sialorrhea
    excessive production of saliva
  44. sialostenosis
    narrowing of salivary duct
  45. stomatitis
    inflammation of mouth
  46. antiflatulence
    drugs taken to relieve gas or flatus
  47. gastroscope
    lighted instrument for visually examining stomach
  48. H2 blockers
    drugs that block release of gastric acid
  49. proctology
    study of rectum and anus
  50. anastomosis
    creation of an opening between two hollow organs
  51. cholecystectomy
    excision of gallbladder
  52. cholecystotomy
    incision into gallbladder
  53. colectomy
    excision of all or part of colon
  54. colopexy
    fixation of colon
  55. colostomy
    surgical establishment of an opening into colon
  56. colotomy
    incision into colon
  57. duodenostomy
    surgical establishment of an opening in duodenum
  58. gastrectomy
    excision of part of stomach
  59. hepatopexy
    fixation of liver
  60. jejunectomy
    excision of all or part of jejunum
  61. jejunotomy
    incision into jejunum
  62. pancreatotomy
    incision into pancreas
  63. sialoadenectomy
    excision of a salivary gland
  64. sialoadenotomy
    incision of a salivary gland
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