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  1. epididymis
    organ in which male sperm become functional
  2. gastation
    development that occurs between formation of zygote and birth of child
  3. gonad
    gamet-generating organ (ovary or testis)
  4. gravida
    pregnant woman
  5. menarche
    beginning of menses
  6. menses
    end of one uterine cycle and beginning of another
  7. para
    a woman who has given birth to a viable fetus
  8. scrotum
    sac that encloses and protects testicles
  9. seminal vesicle
    glands at base of urinary bladder that secrete a thick subtance that nourishes sperm
  10. testes
    organs that produce and store male gametes
  11. urethra
    male ductwork that acts as a part of both male urinary and male reproductive systems
  12. uterine cervix
    neck located at lower end of uterus
  13. uterine cycle
    comprising three phases: secretory, proliferative, and menses
  14. uterine tubes
    tubes between ovaries and uterus
  15. vas deferens
    duct leading ou of epididymis
  16. zygote
    single cell formed at fertilization
  17. amenorrhea
    absence of menstruation
  18. anorchism
    congenital absence of one or both testes
  19. anteflexion
    exaggerated forward bend of uterus
  20. anteversion
    abnormal tipping forward of entire uterus
  21. azoospermia
    absence of sperm in semen
  22. balanitis
    inflammation of glans penis
  23. BPH
    enlarged, noncancerous prostate. prostatomegaly
  24. cervicitis
    inflammation of uterine cervix
  25. cryptorchism
    undescended testicles or when one or both testes fail to descend into scrotum
  26. cystocele
    protrusion of bladder into anterior wall of vagina
  27. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation
  28. endometriosis
    presence of endometrial tissue outside uterus
  29. epididymitis
    inflammation of epididymis
  30. gonorrhea
    highly contagious STD caused by bacteria
  31. hydrocele
    hernia filled with fluid in testes
  32. hysteralgia
    pain in uterus
  33. hysterectomy
    removal of uterus
  34. hysteropathy
    any disease of uterus
  35. mastitis
    inflammation of breast
  36. menorrhagia
    incraesed amount and duration of flow
  37. oligomenorrhea
    markedly reduced menstrual flow along with abnormally infrequent menstruation
  38. oligospermia
    low sperm count
  39. oophoritis
    inflammation of an ovary
  40. orchialgia
    pain in testes
  41. orchiopathy
    any disease of testes
  42. orchitis
    inflammation of testes
  43. ovarialgia
    pain in an ovary
  44. ovaritis
    inflammation of an ovary
  45. pelvic inflammatory disease
    acute or chronic suppurative inflammation of female pelvic structures due to infection
  46. phimosis
    narrowing of opening of foreskin so it can't be retracted or pulled back to expose glans penis
  47. prolapsed uterus
    descent of uterus or cervix into vagina
  48. prostatitis
    inflammation of prostate
  49. rectocele
    protrusion of rectum into posterior wall of vagina
  50. retroflexion
    abnormal tipping with body of uterus bent back on itself
  51. retroversion
    abnormal tipping of entire uterus backward
  52. salpingitis
    inflammation of uterine tube
  53. syphilis
    highly contagious STD that's caused by bacterium
  54. vaginitis
    inflammation of vaginal tissues that may be infectious or due to several other causes
  55. varicocele
    varicose vein of testes
  56. neonatology
    specialty dealing with newborns
  57. obstetrics
    specialty with care of women during pregnancy and childbirth
  58. amniocentesis
    extraction and examination of amniotic fluid from amniotic sac
  59. cervicectomy
    excision of uterine cervix
  60. cervicoplasty/cervicotomy/trachelotomy
    surgical repair of uterine cervix
  61. cesarean section (C-section)
    surgical operation through abdominal wall and uterus for delivery of baby
  62. colposcopy
    using an endoscopic instrument to examine vagina and cervix
  63. dilation and curettage (D & C)
    dilation of cervix and curettage, which involves scraping of lining of uterus
  64. hysterectomy
    surgical removal of uterus
  65. hysteropexy
    surgical fixation of uterus
  66. hysteroplasty
    surgical repair of uterus
  67. hysterotomy
    incision of uterus
  68. laparoscopy
    direct visualization of interior of abdomen with use of laparoscope
  69. mastectomy
    removal of a breast
  70. oophorectomy
    excision of an ovary
  71. oophoroplasty
    surgical repair of an ovary
  72. oophorotomy
    incision into an ovary
  73. orchiectomy
    removal of one or both testes
  74. orchioplasty
    surgical repair of a testis
  75. orchiotomy
    incision into a testis
  76. ovariectomy
    excision of one or both ovaries
  77. ovariotomy
    incision of an ovary
  78. salpingo-oophorectomy
    removal of an ovary and fallopian tube
  79. transurethral resection of prostate (TURP)
    removal of part or all prostate through urethra
  80. tubal ligation
    surgical procedure for female sterilization where each fallopian tube is tied off to prevent ovum from reaching uterus
  81. uteropexy
    surgical fixation of uterus
  82. uteroplasty
    surgical repair of uterus
  83. uterotomy
    incision of uterus
  84. varicocelectomy
    removal of portion of an enlarged vein to remove a varicocele
  85. vasovasostomy
    procedure to restore fertility to a vasectomized male. reconnect vas deferens
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