Anatomy Quiz 4 11

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  1. corrugator supercilii innervation
    facial n
  2. depressor septi action
    depression of nasal septum
  3. depressor septi innervation
    facial n. (buccal branch)
  4. nasalis action
    Compresses bridge, depresses tip of nose, elevates corners of nostrils
  5. Nasalis innervation
    Facial n. (buccal branch)
  6. procerus action
    Draws down the medial angle of the eyebrow giving expressions of frowning
  7. Procerus innervation
    Facial n. (temporal branch)
  8. levator anguli oris action
    smile (elevates angle of mouth)
  9. levator anguli oris innervation
    facial n. (buccal branch)
  10. levator labii superioris alaeque nasi action
    Dilates the nostril; elevates the upper lip and wing of the nose
  11. levator labii superioris alaeque nasi innervation
    facial n. (buccal branch)
  12. risorius action
    smile (draws back angle of mouth )
  13. risorius innervation
    facial n. (buccal branch)
  14. platysma action
    Draws the corners of the mouth inferiorly and widens it (as in expressions of sadness and fright).
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