U3A Spanish Word List 1

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  1. quiero
    I want
  2. ir
    to go
  3. necesito
    I need
  4. verla
    to see her
  5. al
    to the ( a el)
  6. del
    of the (de el)
  7. en mis vacaciones
    on my holidays
  8. este
  9. contigo
    with you
  10. mi gustaria
    I would like
  11. invitarla
    to invite her
  12. mi coche hace un ruido raro
    my car is making a strange noise
  13. igualamente
    same to you
  14. mucho gusto
    nice to meet you
  15. ¿donde estar tu casa?
    where is your house? Estar is used instead of es when talking about a place
  16. regressar
    to return, go back, come back or give back
  17. estar
    to be
  18. otro vez
    again, another time
  19. voy a estar de vacaiones este mes
    I am going to be on holiday this month
  20. me gustar
    I like
  21. pasar
    to spend time
  22. gastar
    to spend money
  23. el fin de semana
    the weekend
  24. el fin de mes
    the end of the month
  25. cada dos meses
    every two months
  26. por un rato
    for a while
  27. va a
    you are going to, you will
  28. ¿cuando va a?
    when are you going to
  29. aprender
    to learn
  30. aqui y alli
    here and there
  31. nos gustar españa
    we like Spain
  32. cenar
    to have dinner
  33. nuestra
  34. caminar
    to walk
  35. amamos
    to love
  36. nos encantar
    we are delighted by, we love
  37. temperano
  38. ayudarlos
    help them
  39. encontrar
    to meet
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