Mu Phi Week 6

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  1. What are the International Committees?
    • ACME
    • Bylaws
    • Finance
    • International
    • International Convention Chairman
    • Membership
    • Music Librarian/Archivist
    • Parliamentarian
    • Website
  2. What is ACME?
    • (Artists, Composers, Musicologists, Educators)
    • maintain an ACME honoree list and solicit new ACME honorees
  3. What is Bylaws?
    receive and consider all proposed amendments to the International Bylaws and Standing Rules
  4. What is Finance?
    review the annual budget for the approval of the IEB and act as adviser on financial matters
  5. What is International?
    maintains connections among members of Mu Phi Epsilon who live outside the Unites States
  6. What is the International Convention Chairman?
    supervises general convention plans under the direction of the IEB
  7. What is Membership?
    helps with member services and retention
  8. What is Music Librarian/Archivist?
    maintains archive of compositions, written materials, and media reproductions of music by Mu Phi Epsilon composers and authors
  9. What is Parliamentarian?
    advises on proposed changes to the International Bylaws and oversees parliamentary procedures during convections
  10. What is website?
    creates and maintains Internet websites, pages, and email addressees for the Fraternity and its chapters. We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and continue to work to increase our social media presence and enhance public relations
  11. What are the chapter committees?
    • Finance
    • Rush
    • Program
    • Foundation
    • SERV
    • Social
    • Alumni
  12. What does Chapter finance do?
    fundraising, auditing, and budgeting
  13. What does Chapter Rush do?
    Plan membership events
  14. What does Chapter Program do?
    musical events (often called musicale)
  15. What does Chapter Foundation do?
    Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation opportunities
  16. What does Chapter SERV do?
    Plans service projects
  17. What does Chapter Social do?
    plans social events
  18. What does Chapter Alumni do?
    contacts alumni and plans joint events
  19. What governs the actions and protocols that the chapter follows?
    Bylaws and Standing Rules and Traditions
  20. What are bylaws and Standing Rules and Traditions?
    govern the actions and protocols that the chapter follows
  21. What do we follow in meetings?
    Roberts Rules of Order
  22. What is the official publication of Mu Phi Epsilon?
    The Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon
  23. What are the opportunities?
    Grants and scholarships, Musicological Research Contest, Original Composition Contest, International Competition
  24. What are the two competitions sponsored by the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation?
    Musicological Research Contest and Original Composition Contest
  25. What is the International Competition?
    a performance competition held every three years with finals at the International Convention. The winner of the competition will tour around the country for the next year with financial help from the Mu Phi Epsilon foundation.
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