Marine Systems 1001C

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  1. Who was the first person to publish the map of the gulfstream? How did the Whalers help him? What took the mail so long?
    Benjamin Franklin, the whalers said the whales don't swim in the stream, and what way the current is going.
  2. How many major cruises that Captain James cook made during the period 1768-1779? What were the highlights?

    Hint: -Remember; Cook-cook on the barbie

    • He took 3 major voyages. The highlights were being the first European to contact Australia, and mapping the circumference around
    • New Zeland.
  3. What was the main reason for the very first scientific voyage around the globe on the HMS Challenger? Who was captain? How did the scientists succeed? 

    Hint:-4 year journey, 365 days in a year.
    -"Around the globe"
    The HMS Challenger travelled to globe to map the sea. Captain George Nares. 360 stations where conditions were measured.
  4. What are oceanic and continental crusts made of? Which is denser? What is Moho and where we could expect a deeper one?

    Hint: -Moho Mantle
    -Remembering the rock groups is S.I.M.ple.
    -Don't take baths in the ocean.
    The continental crust is made up of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock. Oceanic is made of basalt. Oceanic is denser. Moho is deeper under continent.
  5. Lithosphere is made of what? What is main physical contrast between lithosphere and asthenosphere?

    Hint: -"Litho"   "Sphere"
    -First it's ____ "And-then-o-sphere" its ___
    Lithosphere is made of rocks, Earth's crust, and upper most mantle. The asthenosphere is weaker, hotter, deeper part of upper mantle, soft rocks.
  6. What is the composition and physical attributes of the core? How did Earth get its magnetic properties?

    Hint: -Think core/gym. Gym equipment/....
    -The "core" of magnetic properties
    • Outter core: Liquid iron, Nickle
    • Inner core:Solid iron

    Circulating electric currents in Earth's molten metallic core
  7. Explain convergence, divergence, & transform
    • Convergence:plates come together
    • Divergence: Plates pull apart
    • Transform: When plates slide past eachother
  8. Explain the tectonic activities going on along the San Andres Fault

    Hint: -What was Andres' fault?
    -     D.M.B
    The plates are moving past one another causing; Displacement,Mountains, Basins
  9. What is happening along Cascadia Subduction Zone? Is there any major difference between the tectonic activities happening along this zone and california?
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