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  1. What item gives of reliable information about how the earth originated?
  2. Creation and Evolution are beliefs that are accepted by __________?
  3. What principle states that the national laws in operation today have existed throughout Earth's history?
    uniformity principle
  4. What does the geological record support?
    Genesis flood
  5. What condition was made ideal by the Flood's rapid deposition of sediments?
    fossil formation
  6. Term for the idea that one or more catastrophes are primarily responsible for Earth's geological features?
  7. What book passed on the ideas of uniformitarian?
    Principles of Geology
  8. What does the view of uniformitarianism often state?
    "the present is the key to the past"
  9. Who popularized uniformitarianism?
    Charles Lyell
  10. The term for the idea that George Cuvier suggested and believed?
  11. The supposed starting point of cosmic evolution?
    the big bang
  12. Term for idea that the fittest and strongest of each species are more likely to survive than the weaker?
    natural selection
  13. Can science make authoritative statements about the origin of the earth?
  14. Term for belief that the universe and life originated by natural processes over billions of years?
  15. About how many years ago did the Flood probably occur?
    5000-6000 years
  16. Term for preserved remains of plants, animals, or humans in sedimentary rock?
  17. Term for the false belief that all geological processes have always proceeded at the same rate? "The present if the key to the past"
  18. Term for the idea that one or more catastrophes are primarily responsible for Earth's geological features?
  19. Who is considered the Father of Modern Geology?
    Charles Lyell
  20. Term for branch of geology that studies fossils?
  21. Term for the guide used to identify rock layers in the field and characterize them to a specific period?
    index fossils
  22. Who wrote On the Origin of Species?
    Charles Darwin
  23. Term for the hypothetical time scale that summarizes evolutionists' idea of Earth's history?
    geologic column
  24. Name the order of the four time periods into which evolutionists divide the geologic column?
    • 1. eon (1st and largest/longest)
    • 2. eras
    • 3. periods
    • 4. epochs
  25. The units of time into which eras are divided?
  26. Name three steps to the geologic column process?
    • 1. stage of evolution to determine "age" fossil in rock
    • 2. "age" fossil in rock used to determine the age of rock
    • 3.  arrange order of rocks give sequence of evolution
  27. The belief that God called the universe and all that is in it into existence out of nothing?
    special creation
  28. Term for the remains or impressions of a plant, animal, or human preserved in sedimentary rock?
  29. Term for an organism that exhibits no change between its appearance in the fossil record and the present day?
  30. What is a coelacanth?
    example of a living fossil(extinct lobe-finned fish that was discovered alive in 1938
  31. What does the fossil record represent?
    animals that died in the Genesis Flood or Flood
  32. Term for a gap in strata that is missing one or more layers?
  33. Term for animals and plants that disappear abruptly from the fossile record, yet are still alive today?
    living fossils
  34. e foundation of Darwin's hypothesis was?
    natural selection
  35. Evolutionary hypothesis that states: new kinds of organisms arise quickly because of rapid genetic changes?
    punctuated equilibrium
  36. This ape is an early link in the supposed genealogy of man; reconstructed from a few teeth and bone fragments.
  37. Term for chimpanzee like "missing link" called "handy man"?
    Homo habilis
  38. Most famous australopithecine?
  39. Term for 100% human fossil lost during World War II?
    Peking man
  40. Supposed "early human" who had rickets?
    Neanderthal man
  41. Fully human "missing link" found in southwest France?
    Cro-Magnon man
  42. Term for "southern ape"?
  43. Most famous Australopithecus africanus?
    Taung child
  44. Term for man's classification?
    Homo sapiens
  45. Term for "upright man", Java man.
    Homo erectus
  46. Type of fossils that extend through several strata.
  47. Sudden appearance of life in the fossil record?
    Cambrian explosion
  48. Another name for transitional forms, "missing links"?
  49. "missing link" thought to be a transitional form between amphibians and reptiles?
  50. "missing link" thought to be a transitional form between reptiles and birds?
  51. "missing link" thought to be a transitional form between fish and tetrapods?
  52. One idea that attempts to reconcile the Bible and evolution?
    Theistic evolution
  53. The radiometric dating method used on organic materials?
    carbon-14 dating
  54. Does the geological record support and confirm the Genesis Flood?
  55. Where can geologic column be found in its entirety in the earth's crust?
  56. What was the badly crushed "Homo habilis" skull that scientists found in Kenya?
    Skull 1470
  57. The size of the portion of the skull that contains the brain?
    cranial capacity
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