Lower Extremity- Hip muscles

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  1. Gracilis
    • O: Pubic Symphysis and Inferior Ramus of Pubis
    • I: Medial tibial tuberosity via pes anserine
    • A: Adduction
  2. Adductor Longus
    • O: Medial part of superior ramus of pubis
    • I: Linea Aspera
    • A: Adduction
  3. Adductor Magnus
    • O: Inferior Ramus of pubis, ischial tuberosity
    • I: Medial lip of linea aspera and Adductor tubercle of femur
    • A: Adduction
  4. Pectineus
    • O: Pectin Pubis
    • I: Pectineal Line of femur
    • A: Adduction
  5. Adductor Brevis
    • O: Inferior Ramus of pubis
    • I: Pectineal line and medial lip of linea aspera
    • A: Adduction
  6. Gluteus Maximus
    • O: Fascia of gluteus medius. External surface of ilium behind the posterior gluteal line. Fascia of erector spinae, dorsal surface of sacrum. 
    • I: Posterior IT Tract, gluteal tuberosity or proximal femur, fasciae latae muscles. 
    • A: Hip Extension, lateral stabilization of hip, external rotation of femur.
  7. Gluteus Medius
    • O: External surface of ilium
    • I: Lateral surface of greater trochanter of femur.
    • A: Abduction of hip and pelvis stabilization, Anterior- flexion and internal rotation. Posterior-Extension and external rotation.
  8. Tensor Fasciae Latae
    • O: ASIS and anterior part of iliac crest.
    • I: IT Tract
    • A: Abduction, flexion, internal rotation of hip.
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