Anatomy Physiology Chapter 14 and 15

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  1. describe: sympathetic tone
    • keeps blood vessels in continual state of partial constriction
    • controls blood pressure even at rest
    • vascular system is almost entirely innervated by sympathetic fibers
  2. sympathetic fibers fire ______ to _______ blood vessels and cause blood pressure to rise

    sympathetic fibers fire ______ to _______ blood vessels and cause a decrease in blood pressure
    • more rapidly
    • constrict 

    • more slowly
    • dilate
  3. the parasympathetic division _______ _______ heart activity
    normally dominates
  4. parasympathetic = _____ and _____
    rest and digest
  5. the overall boss on ANS activities is the __________
  6. another name for the parasympathetic nervous system
    • craniosacral region 
    • (long ganglions)
  7. 3 primary colors
    blue green and red
  8. the colour of light that an object __________ determines the colour the eye perceives
  9. define refraction
    bending of light rays
  10. pathway of light entering the eye
    • cornea
    • aqueous humor
    • lens
    • vitreous humor
    • entire neural layer of retina
    • photoreceptors
  11. the _________ of the eye is basically responsible for the refraction of light
  12. far point of vision
    • distance beyond which no change in lens shape is needed for focusing
    • 20 feet (6 m) for emmetropic eye
    • ciliary muscles are relaxed
  13. distance object; lens is __________
  14. focusing for close vision requires these three steps:
    • accommodation of the lens: (condition = presbyopia, loss of accommodation)changes shape of the lens to increase refraction, but there is a near point of vision 
    • constriction of the pupil: reflex constricts pupils to prevent most divergent light rays rom entering the eyes
    • convergence of eyeballs: medial rotation of the eyeballs toward the object being viewed
  15. close vision involves ___________ activation; while distance vision involves ________ activation
    • parasympathetic
    • sympathetic
  16. nearsighted =
    • myopic eye
    • requires concave lens for correction
  17. hyperopic eye =
    • farsighted
    • eyeball too short
    • corrected by convex lens
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