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  1. fluid intelligence
    cannot be taught, raw processing power of brain to solve novel problems; will eventually go down but you can intervene and delay the onset of decay
  2. crystallized intelligence
    taught, socialized; can go up as long as people stay engaged
  3. omnibus intelligence
    combines fluid and crystallized; as one goes down the other one will compensate for it; relatively stable until near the end of life
  4. weschler adult intelligence scales: (3)
    verbal, performance, very school based
  5. weschler adult intelligence scales
    information, comprehension, arithmetic, similarities, digit span (words that we all have access to; universal words) doesn't assess creativity
  6. weschler adult intelligence scales
    • digit symbol, pic compilation, block design, pic arrangement, object and assembly
    • this test does not asses emotional intelligence (women are better at this than men, test in biased toward men)
  7. weschler adult intelligence scales
    very school based
    limited and culturally biased
  8. when does one enter old age
    • loss list:
    • loss of independence, later life, near death
    • accumulation of losses
    • loss of cognition, memory etc. 
    • 7b"
  9. recall
    fill in the blank
  10. recognition
    multiple choice
  11. personality stability or change
    • personality can be changed
    • once personality is formed it is remarkably stable, however there is opportunity for changes given the following scenarios
    • age: the younger you are the easier it is to change your personality
    • dramatic change/stressor: qualitative change
  12. non cognitive modifiers of intelligence
    • i did not do well because i didn't get enough sleep, the test was too hard..
    • can be corrected
  13. normal aging
    disease free
  14. stressors
    midterms, deadlines, responsibilities, the future, money etc.
  15. signs of stress
    headaches, sleeplessness
  16. age graded stressors
    highly correlated with age (going to college, getting drivers license)
  17. history graded stressors
    events that impact large sections of the world/country  (normative) ex: world wars, 911
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