Causes of War

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  1. State/Society Cause of War
    • Internal structures and characteristics of state cause war
    • Mostly capitalist - satisfied with SQ
  2. Individuals as Cause of War
    • Innate in man
    • Act for Self Preservation
    • Misperception of opponent
    • Not the only cause cuz war doesn't happen all the time
  3. International System Cause of War
    • Anarchy
    • System in state of nature
    • Dominant states need to expand thus going to war over resources
  4. Classifying War
    • General War
    • Limited War
    • Civil war
  5. Classifying Warfare
    • Asymmetric Warfare
    • Guerilla Warfare
    • Terrorism
  6. General War
    Many participants and the goal is to conquer and occupy enemy territory
  7. Limited War
    Limited by goals pursued, types of weapons used, targets
  8. Civil War
    War between factions within state over control of territory or of institutions
  9. Asymmetric warfare
    Between parties of unequal strength, the weaker seeks to neutralize opponents strengths by exploiting weakness
  10. Guerilla warfare
    The weaker party may often use a civilian population to provide supplies like food, as shields, and hit and run tactics.
  11. Terrorism
    • Particular type of asymmetric conflict in which one side attempts to instill fear in others in order to force concession.
    • Civilians are usually the targets
  12. Decline of General War
    • Memories of WW2
    • Nuclear war too costly
    • Rise of US Hegemony
    • Democratic peace - democracies do not fight each other
  13. How wars are fought
    • Conventional warfare - Weapons more precise and more easily available
    • Weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical, and biological
    • Asymmetric warfare
    • Terrorism
  14. Power transition
    • Changes in state capabilities that lead to war
    • Or when a dissatisfied challenger state begins to attain parity
  15. Theories to Promote Peace
    • Balance of power
    •    - Maintain peace through alliances
    • Collective Security
    •    - War is caused by inequality
    •    - Can only be solved by collective security
    • Power Transition
    •    - Equality = War
    •    - Inequality = Peace
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