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  1. the standard for privacy protection of health info for:

    health care providers
    health plans
    health clearinghouses
    is Hipaa (thealth insurance portability & accountability act

    applies to any group that maintains & transmits medical records in a electronic format
  2. health care entities that do not electronically bill for services may not be affected by HIPAA
    • some colleges & professional teams
    • HS & MS are governed by FERPA
    • ATs are often employed by a HIPAA affected group but work in a non- HIPAA setting
  3. HIPAA does not require covered entities to receive a pts. written consent before disclosing private health info for the purpose of:
    • tx
    • billing
    • other routine health care operations
  4. hipaa guidelines:

    all personal health info & personally identifying info protected
    institution must have a privacy officer designated
    • pts. are provided authorization before any health info is released
    • if an athlete or pt. refuses to sign an authorization tx cant be denied
    • -refusal, however, may preclude an athlete from participating
  5. other hipaa guidelines: 

    pt. option of a private tx area
    med files & schedules should not be left face up
    disclosure of health info is completed to the min. amount necessary
    • pts. written authorization required to use or disclose info for research purposes
    • info utilized for edu purposes must either be altered so the pt. cannot be identified or a release must be signed by the pt.
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