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  1. 2 courses of sugars
    -sugar cane

    -sugar beets
  2. Which sweetener is the most widely used?
  3. What are the 3 types of sweeteners ?

    -sugar alcohols

    -nonnutritive sweeteners
  4. 7 functions of sugar in baked goods



    -fermentation of yeast

    -extending shelf life

    -adds body to soft drinks

    -offsets acidic, bitter, and salty tastes
  5. Natural sweeteners) Plants and natural sugars
    Plants produce natural sugars through photosynthesis
  6. 4 sources that most sugar comes from
    -sugar cane

    -sugar beets

    -maple trees

  7. Which the only source of sugar in animals?
  8. 3 major groups of sweeteners?


    -sugar alcohols
  9. What are the 3 major groups based on?
    Chemical structure
  10. How does the chemical structure influence?
    Functions in foods & beverages
  11. What do sugars become when extracted?
    Refined carb
  12. What's the number 1 food additive?
  13. sucrose
    Table sugar
  14. glucose
  15. fructose
    fruit sugar
  16. lactose
    Milk sugar
  17. Maltose
    malt sugar
  18. Where is sucrose derived from? (2)
    • -sugar cane
    • *comes mostly from this one-60%

    -sugar beets
  19. Sucrose) how to extract from cane (4)
    -cane is washed, shredded, crushed, and juice squeezed out
  20. Sucrose) to extract from beets (3)
    -washed, Sliced, soaked in hot water
  21. Glucose) 4 chief plant sources of this



    -cron syrup
  22. Glucose) where can they be obtained?
  23. Glucose) what are they used to make? (5)


    -baked goods

    -canned fruit

    -fermented beverages
  24. Fructose) what is it also called? (2)
    Fruit sugar or levulose
  25. Fructose) where is it found naturally in? (2)
    Fruits and honey
  26. Fructose) what is it used for?
    Pharmaceutical products
  27. Fructose) in what form is it added to food/beverages as?
    High fructose corn syrup
  28. Which is the sweetest of all sugars?
  29. Lactose) from what is it extracted from?>
  30. Lactose) what is it used for?
    In baking for browning
  31. Which is the least sweet sugar?
  32. maltose) what is it also called?
    Malt sugar
  33. maltose) what does it do? (2)
    -malt taste to milk shakes and candy

    -color and flavor to beer
  34. maltose) where does it come from?
    conversion of barley and other grains starches during processing
  35. How do syrups vary? (4)

    -carb content


  36. 6 common sources of syrup
    -corn syrup

    -high fructose corn syrup



    -maple syrup

    -invert sugar
  37. What is syrup a by product of?>
    Cornstarch production
  38. Percent's that corn syrup is composed off? (2)
    -75% sugar

    -25% H2O
  39. What is dried corn syrup used? (3)
    Dry mix for



    -instant breakfast drinks
  40. liquid corn syrup used in.. (2)
    -soft drinks and processed foods
  41. How is syrup manufactured?
    • By adding weak acid solution to cornstarch
    • *boiled and evaporated
  42. What is dextrose?
    Sugar that most often comes from corn
  43. What is dextrose equivalent DE?
    Measure of dextrose concentration
  44. What level of DE are high conversion corn syrups?
    DE over 58
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