Life Elementary Unit 10- Class 204

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  1. Household(n)
    Ev halkı(There are four computers in the average British household.)
  2. Anymore(env.)
    Artık(I don't want to listen to you anymore.)
  3. Invente(v)
    İcat etmek(Ford was invented the engine.)
  4. Probably(env.)
    Muhtemelen(Probably I will stay there.)
  5. Invisible(n)
    Görünmez(Many scientists have tried to invent invisible objects.)
  6. Runway(n)
    Pist(The plane took off from the runway.)
  7. Servant(n)
    Hizmetçi(We don't need to servants.)
  8. Liquid(n)
    Sıvı(Air passengers can't take more than 100 ml of liquid in their han luggage.)
  9. Prototype(n)
    Model(Many companies have made prototype robots for houses.)
  10. Clarify(v)
    Teyit ettirmek(İs this number 002 878 988 838?)
  11. Contrastive(n)
    Zıt(What's the contrastive mean ''up''?)
  12. Underscore(n)
    Alt tire(
  13. Podcast(n)
    İnternete koyulan yayın(I have downloaded this podcast.)
  14. Search engine(n)
    Arama motoru(You can use search engine to find everything.)
  15. GPS(n)
    Genel yer sistemi(I found this road in the GPS.)
  16. Trainee(n)
    Stajer(Trainee is working hard.)
  17. Break Down(v)
    Bozulmak(My mobile phone often break down.)
  18. Stick Tape(n)
    Tipex(İf you write wrong word yo can use the stick tape.)
  19. Vacum cleaner(n)
    Elektrikli süpürge(Your room is very dirty.You must use vacum cleaner.)
  20. Visual(adj.)
    Görsel(Maybe you learn better with visual training.)
  21. Receive(v)
    Almak(Did we receive any emails from any customers today?)
  22. Morse Code(n)
    Mors Alfabesi(Marconi invented the morce code.)
  23. Price(n)
    Değer(It's price 10 dollars.)
  24. In particular(env.)
    Özellikle(In particular.they have looked at the part of brain.)
  25. Dash(n)
  26. Auditory(adj.)
  27. Kinaesthetic(adj.)
  28. The knowledge(n)
    Bilgi(Learning The knowledge can take over 2 years.)
  29. Lightning(n)
    Şimşek(There are lots of lightning.)
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