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  1. ____ ____ (genus & species) is the bacterium responsible for acne, the most common skin disorder of affecting 85% teens.
  2. As Lyme disease progresses to the CNS, neurological disorders such as facial ____ and heart arrhythmias occur.
  3. Scalded skin syndrome is also called _____ disease.
  4. The vector for Rocky Mountain spotted fever in the western part of the United States is Demacentor andersoni, the ____ tick.
  5. Vaginal cadidiasis (commonly called a ____ infection) is a common opportunistic infection in women following broad spectrum antibiotic use.
  6. ____ is one of the main factors that may trigger an outbreak of cold sores or fever blisters.
  7. Tinea ____ refers to ringworm of the nails.
  8. Tinea ___ refers to ringworm of the food, aka "athlete's food."
  9. Tinea ____ refers to ringworm of the groin, commonly referred to as "jock itch."
  10. Measles ____ is a severe complication of measles in approximately 1/1000 cases; fever, headache, convulsions, retardation, epilepsy, deafness with a mortality rate of 15% (especially in developing countries).
  11. Conjunctivitis often goes by its common name _____.
  12. _____ _____ is responsible for hair follicle infections (pimples) and skin abscesses such as furnaces and carbuncles.
  13. Herpes simplex I refers to recurring ____ ____ and fever blisters' although 90% of the population has the virus, only about 15% experience these outbreaks.
  14. ____ is often used to rest acne; because it is eratogenic, pregnant women cannot take it.
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