OB exam 4

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  1. acyclovir (zovirax)
    • Class: Antiviral 
    • indication: (purine analogue) active genital herpes 
    • nsg:
  2. Ceftriaxone (Rocephin)
    • Class: broad spectrum Cephalosporin  (antinfective)  
    • indication: urinary and gyn infections 
    • nsg: have been used safely for laction;
  3. clindamycin ( clindesse vaginal cream)
    • Class: anti-infective 
    • indication: bacterial vaginosis 
    •  nsg: approved for 3rd trimester
  4. clomiphene citrate (clomid, Serophene)
    • Class: ovulatory stimulant (nonsteroidal) 
    • indication: (Anovulatory infertility)
    • action:  stimulates the release of FSH & LH needed to cause stimulation of ovulation 
    • nsg:
  5. Danazol (Cycylamen)
    • Class:Hormone (androgen)  
    • indication: treatment of moderate endometriosis that is un-responsive to conventional therapy (treats pelvic pain, inferility due to endometriosis and breast tenderness/nodules due to fibrocystic breast disease 
    •  nsg:
  6. Dinoprostone vaginal insert (cervidil)
    • Class: prostaglandin 
    • indication: cervical ripening/ induction of mid-trimester abortion
    • nsg: given endocervically; must wait 30-60 minutes before giving pitocin
  7. Doxycycline (adoxa, doryx)
    • Class: tetracycline anti-infective 
    • indication: UTI's, gonorrhea, and chlamydia 
    • nsg:
  8. Gardasil (HPV Vaccine)
    • Class: immunizing agent 
    • indication: for the prevntion of cervical, vlvar, and vaginal cancers, (also anal cancers) and genital warts causes by hpv 
    • nsg:
  9. leuprolide (lupron)
    • Class: antineoplastic
    • indication: to treat symptoms of endometriosis and uterine fibroids
    • nsg:
  10. metronidazole (flagyl)
    • Class: anti-infective. antiprotazoal; antiulcer 
    • indication: endocervicitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, T. vaginalis(venereal disease) 
    • nsg:
  11. miconazole (monistat vaginal cream)
    • Class: anti-fungal
    • indication:treatment of vaginal yeast infection and relief of itching and irritation 
    •  nsg:
  12. proazithromycin
    • Class: macrolide antibiotic
    • indication: non-gonococcal urethritis d/t chlamydia (taken with ethambutal for disseminated MAC infection in persons with advanced HIV infection) 
    • nsg:
  13. trichloroacetic Acid
    • Class:  
    • indication: to aid in the elimination of condylomata (HPV warts) 
    • nsg:
  14. erythromycin eye ointment
    • Class: macrolide anit-infective
    • indication: for prophylaxis of ophthalmia neonatorum due to N. gonorrhea and Chlamydia trachomatis 
    • nsg:
  15. Hepatitis B vaccine
    • Class:antiviral vaccine
    • indication: to prevent perinatal infection in infants born to + mothers & to prevent infection after the perinatal period
    • nsg: give within 12 hours of birth; IM (25 guage, 5/8 needle) vastus lateralis; massage area after injection to help absorption)
  16. naloxone (narcan)
    • Class: antidote opioid
    • indication: complete/partial reversal of opioid tox, (respiratory depression) acute opioid overdose 
    • nsg: must be neonatal dose 0.1-0.2mg/kg IM may repeat in 3-5 minutes of no response
  17. Phytonadine (vitamin K)
    • Class: vaccine 
    • indication: to prevent hemorragic disease in the newborn 
    • nsg: ( required for the hepatic synthesis of certain clotting factors) IM 0.5- 1 mg within 1 hour of birth
  18. adacel vaccine (Tdap)
    • Class: vaccine  
    • indication:active booster immunization for the prevention of tetanus, diptheria and pertussis 
    • nsg: mom should get vaccine to prevent baby from acquiring pertussis
  19. benzocaine (dermoplast topical anesthetic)
    • Class: anesthetic 
    • indication: reduces pain and discomfort of the vagial/rectal area 
    • nsg:
  20. Butorphanol (stadol)
    • Class: Opioid agonist-antagonist 
    • indication: analgesic med in labor 
    • nsg: no resp depression in woman or baby; do not give to drug dependent woman may cause sudden withdrawl in mom and baby
  21. betamethasone ( diprolene, luxiq, celestone)
    • Class: corticosteroid 
    • indication: given at 28 weeks gestation for at risk or showing signs of preterm labor to stimulate produtction of surfactant/ mature lungs to prevent RDS
    • nsg: 12 mg IM every 24 hours x 2 doses
  22. carboprost (hemabate)
    • Class: oxytocic 
    • indication: used in 2nd trimester only for interruption of pregnancy and used for uterine atony to prevent uterine hemorrhage 
    • nsg: used after oxytocin and methylergonovine for uterine atony
  23. Duramorph (morphine sulfate)
    • Class: opiod analgesic 
    • indication: analgesic med in labor 
    • nsg: causes CNS depression; neonatal respiratory depression, avoid use when close to delivery ( 1 hour)
  24. Fentanyl (sublimaze)
    • Class: short acting opioid antagonist 
    • indication: analgesic med in labor 
    • nsg: crosses placenta quickly; FHR changes; hypotension; maternal/ fetal CNS depression; resp depression; may causes n/v/itching; monitor resp rate
  25. ibuprofen (advil, motrin)
    • Class: NSAID
    • indication: for relief of moderate pain; dysmenorrhea 
    • nsg:
  26. indomethacin (indocin)
    • Class: NSAID; Prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor; tocolytic
    • indication: preterm labor; smooth muscle relaxor
    • nsg:
  27. ketorolac tromethine (toradol)
    • Class: NSAID; non, opioid analgesic 
    • indication: moderate to severe pain 
    • nsg:
  28. magnesium sulfate
    • Class: supplement/tocolytic/cns depressor 
    • indication: used for pre/eclampsia for the prevention/ managmenet of seizures. Stops Preterm labor 
    • nsg: decreases reflexes; decreases resp rate; smooth muscle relaxer; not used with nifedipine but can be used with pit; keep mak between 5-8 mg/dL calcium gluconate is antidote
  29. medroyprogesterone (depo-provera)
    • Class: contraceptive hormone progesterone only 
    • indication: for the prevention of pregnancy; increases thickness of cervical mucus; alters endometrium which reduces implantation 
    • nsg: effects may decrease with antibioics/anticonvulsants; most common s/e is irregular bleeding and weight gain, decreased bone density; Can be used in lactating women but preferred if she waits 6 months; injected Q 3 months
  30. methylergonovine (methergine)
    • Class: oxytocic 
    • indication: for routine management of uterine atony to prevent hemorrhage, and in subinvolution of the uterus 
    • nsg: used after oxytocin is not effective
  31. misoprostol (cytotec)
    • Class: prostoglandin 
    • indication: used for interruption in pregnancy in combination with methotrexate and mifeprestone used up to 49 days after 1st day of LMP; also used for cervical ripening 
    • nsg: must wait 4 hours after given to give oxytocin; given endocervically
  32. nifedipine (procardia)
    • Class: CCB; tocolytic 
    • indication: used for HTN management in pre/ecclampsi; used to stop labor 
    • nsg: not used with mag sulfate
  33. oxytocin (pitocin)
    • Class:hormone/oxytocic
    • indication: to augment/ induce labor; first line med for uterine atony to prevent pph 
    • nsg: titrate med; discontinue if fetal distress, always infused with pump; maternal-fetal response is primary concern
  34. pyridoxine (vitamin B 6)
    • Class: vitamine
    • indication: first line med for hyperemesis gravidarum 
    • nsg: may be used with doxylamine
  35. RhoGam (Rh d immune globulin)
    • Class: vaccine/ immunizing agent 
    • indication: Given to Rh - mothers who gave birth to Rh + baby irrespective of ABO typing; abdominal trauma; abortion/threatened abortion; ectopic pregnancy; suspected hemorrhage; amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling; 
    • nsg: 1st does given at 28 weeks to Rh- mothers, 2nd is given at 72 hours after birth; it is a blood product; prevent formation of antibodies agaisnt Rh + erythrocytes; does not kill/fight them if the are already there
  36. Rubella Vaccine (MMR)
    • Class: vaccine
    • indication: prevention of rubella 
    • nsg: get titer during pregnancy (1:8 titer indicates immunity) if non-immune, mom gets vaccine after delivery and should be counseled to not get pregnant for at least 4 weeks after injection (live vaccine)
  37. Sodium Citrate (bicitra)
    • Class: antiurolithics 
    • indication: to prevent aspiration (from vomiting) during surgery 
    • nsg:
  38. Terbutaline (brethine)
    • Class: bronchodilator/ tocolyitc 
    • indication: Given in emergency situations to stop labor (cx) very fast acting 
    • nsg: keep on hand when giving oxytocin
  39. zolpidem (ambien)
    • Class: sedative/hypnotic 
    • indication: for anxiety 
    • nsg:
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