1350: Nutrition: proteins, carbs, fats

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  1. What percentage of your calorie intake should consist of proteins? Fats?
    • Protein: 10 - 20%
    • Fats: 20 - 35%
  2. What are the uses of protein intake for the body?
    • Regulates body functions, enzyme and antibody production.
    • For growth, maintenance, and repair.
    • Required for formation of all body structures.
  3. What is the difference between complete & incomplete proteins? Which is animal and which is plant?

    What are some examples of complete and incomplete proteins?
    • Animal: complete, high-quality
    • -meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, yogurt, soy, nuts, and seeds.

    • Plant: incomplete, low-quality
    • -legumes, peas, grains, oats, rice, vegetables.
  4. What are some functions of carbohydrates?
    • *Primary function of carbs is to SUPPLY ENERGY.
    • Maintain body temperature
  5. What is ketosis?

    How much carbs is recommended to prevent ketosis? (mg)
    an abnormal accumulation of ketone bodies; frequently associated w/ acidosis.

  6. What are simple and complex carbs? 

    Give some examples.

    Which is the preferred source of energy?
    Simple (monosachs/disachs): glucose, lactose, fructose (honey, milk, fruits)

    Complex (polysachs): starches, grains, root vegetables.

    Complex carbs are preferred for energy.

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1350: Nutrition: proteins, carbs, fats
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proteins, carbs, fats.
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